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3/06/06 (PMP) Introduction to the Psychics and Missing People Series

Mysterious things have always intrigued me. As children, my brothers and I liked to scare other kids with tales of ghosts, other creatures, and space aliens. There were times we even had other parents complain that we gave their kids nightmares! We loved all the horror and science fiction movies and TV shows.

As a teenager, I discovered ESP, Ouija boards, and prophecy. At one time, I believed the silliness about the world ending long before now, as stated by the "Late Great Planet Earth" author, Hal Lindsey. I even had my little brother scared to the point of tears with that one.

I grew up, married, and had 2 sons. As a working mom raising a family, I didn’t have time to continue studying the paranormal, and I still wonder if ghosts and aliens exist, and if I visited Loch Ness, if I would see 'ol Nessie.

I think the mysteries of life keep us on our toes, always seeking the answers. I would hate for there not to be would be very boring if we had it all figured out!

Unfortunately, I have a mystery in my life that I'd really like to solve. Most of my readers know that my son Jason has been missing without a trace for over 4 years. In fact, this summer it will be 5 long years. No one has been able to figure out what happened to him, not even the best investigators.

In the course of this fruitless search, and also with the birth of Project Jason, came an undesirable element. That is what I call the “Advantage Takers”. Advantage Takers include any person or organization which uses this tragic situation for personal gain. That gain may not always be in the form of money.

We, the families of the missing, are victims in several ways. If our loved one has been taken from us in a brutal way, we are victims. We may also be victims of a poorly constructed and trained LE (law enforcement) structure. We may be victims of society's apathy to our plight because of prejudices against missing persons, particularly adults. We again may be the victims of a non-responsive media.

There is one method of victimization that can be avoided, however, and that is by people who claim to be able to find your missing loved one via paranormal means.

Some of these persons try to play on guilt in that they say people in our position should try any (legal) means possible to find their missing loved one. It is subtlety implied that if we are not willing to subject ourselves to this, then we must not really care about finding our missing loved ones. It is a chance we should always take, we are told.

Today begins my series on psychics and missing people. I have several stories about these people and my own experiences with them, plus experiences of other family members of the missing. And, as you might expect, none of these cases have been solved by using paranormal means. We’ll also hear from world-renowned experts in the field as we present the information.

My stories have never been told, and very few people know about them. I wish I had written these down at the time, but the experiences were too hurtful. All I could do was to try to forget the horror and the pain. It’s time for me to share this with you. It’s time to help stop you from being hurt by these Advantage Takers.

There are several goals I have for this series. Before going into that, it may be helpful to clarify our position on this:

There is not one proven case in which a psychic, using special powers or abilities not given to the typical person, has located a missing person, whether dead or alive. It may be possible that some persons have an ability that defies science and logic, but there is no known scientific evidence of this. These persons re-victimize families by taking away hope where it should stand, and giving hope where there is none. No person has the right to do this to another.

Psychics and other users of purported paranormal phenomena, cause unnecessary and damaging pain and anguish to families of the missing. They can also add to financial stress if they charge fees. We're already on a roller coaster ride of events and emotions, and we should have no desire to add to it.

What we wish to accomplish in this series is to demonstrate to families of the missing the methods used by these persons. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes should decrease any guilt feelings for not accepting offers of "help" from these persons, whether it is fee-based or not. We want to lessen the pain already present in our every breath, and arm families with the information to defend themselves against these persons.

Marc Klaas, Founder of KlaasKids, and father of abducted, then murdered child Polly Klass, said it well: "I have very strong feelings about psychics. They're part of a second wave of predators. The first wave is the person who takes the child. The second is the ambulance-chasing lawyers, the exploitation journalists and psychics. They're off the mark, every last one of them."

Please also note that the FBI and NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) maintain that psychics have never solved a single missing person's case.

This series will be presented each day Monday-Friday, until its completion, unless urgent matters or posts pre-empt it. All posts in the series will be noted in the title with “PMP”, which stands for “Psychics and Missing People.” This way, you can easily identify other posts in the series by looking to your right in the “Previous Posts” section.

I’d also like to warn our readers that some of the stories presented, including my own, contain graphic descriptions of violent acts which may be disturbing to you.

The disclaimer you see below will be included at the bottom of each new post. We must make it clear what we are not in the business of proving or disproving claims made by psychics or those who are convinced that it is ALL real and true. We exist to assist families of the missing.

We understand that many people believe that psychics are effective in solving crimes and finding missing people. Please keep in mind that the goal of this series is to help families understand techniques used by persons making these claims and make better decisions about the use of psychics.

Project Jason and its volunteers cannot act as a clearinghouse for persons claiming success in using paranormal means to locate missing persons. We will be unable to respond to emails or other correspondence sent to us from persons making these claims or persons offering information about or referrals to psychics.

We instead invite those persons to present their evidence to the members of the James Randi Education Foundation. They have a forum available for you to discuss your claims.

I would like to thank the members of the James Randi Educational Foundation forum. Even though our beliefs differ, they welcomed me with open arms, treated me with respect and dignity, and went out of their way to help me with my research. The assistance and support they provided to me has been of great value and was also instrumental in bringing this series to you.

They invite you to come to the forum, register, and post. They will be happy to work with any persons making paranormal claims, and to answer any and all questions posed to them. Please note that if you are making a claim, you will be asked to show evidence that your success came about via paranormal means.

You may also be interested to know that the foundation offers a verifiable prize of one million dollars to anyone who is able to prove their claim. If interested, the members will guide you to the proper area to learn how you may apply for the challenge.

The Missing People Podcast, which features a dramatized audio production of Psychics and Missing People.

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Anonymous Robert Lancaster said...

Thank you so much for doing this.

Unfortunately, you are in a much better position to talk about these "psychic" leeches than many others are.

I hope that what you are doing with this series of blog entries will help other families to avoid some of the additional heartache that these frauds - some self-deluded - can add to an already unimaginably horrible situation.

I will follow your blog with great interest.

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Paul said...

An auspicious beginning. I look forward to the ongoing series. One comment: as a new reader, unfamiliar with Projest Jason, or the situations involved with missing persons, I have no idea what 'NCMEC' stands for. One offshoot of your reaching out to the JREF may be a new audience for your blog. You may have to patiently explain legal terms and acronyms that many of your readers take for granted. I, for one, will be plugging this series on my blog to help get your message out.
-Paul (Gr8wight on JREF)

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Thaiboxerken said...

It's just so sad to see that people who are already grieving and suffering being leeched on by the scum of earth, psychics. While some may actually think they have superpowers, I believe most of these people are simply charlatans and liars.

I hope that people will read your blog here and realize these people for who they are so that they can avoid being lead down a road of false hope.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the series on court tv called "Psychic Detectives"? Is that all a farce? Some of cases show how the psychics led the detectives to solve the crime. Just a thought after reading your post. I too am a new reader and don't know what NCMEC stands for. I saw your post at the court tv message board. I will follow the blog with interest and hope others will too. I hope it can save someone else some of the heartache you have endured.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Thaiboxerken said...

"Psychic Detectives" is a highly biased show that simply evades the fact that no psychic has actually solved a case. The editting and spooky music is just more toppings that they toss on top of the pile of BS that they are trying to sell people into believing. The thing is, people see the show then they start to believe. However, those beliefs are not based on facts but the toppings that CTV uses to make the BS look tasty.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

NCMEC is an acronym for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It has a companion of sorts, the NCMA- National Center for Missing Adults.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Kelly Jolkowski said...


Here's some reading for you on that topic:

11:06 AM  
Anonymous David Harmon said...

Part I seems to have a broken link. It gives a Blogger 404 error (not found). On the other hand, Part II looks like it ought to have been part I. Iduno, but hopefully you can sort that out.

I sympathize with your loss, but I also want to congratulate you. You've faced your pain well enough to help others, and also rejected the lies of the frauds hoping to feed off your grief.

Life, and Love, always have pain in them. That which lives can be injured; they who love can be bereaved. But those who live and love to the fullest can go beyond their own losses, to bring healing and hope to those around them. You have shown yourself to be one of those people who stand against the darkness, and are not defeated. Blessed Be.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the forum you posted the link to and am now re-thinking how i feel about the program. Thanks!

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the best sites promoted by the police here from the ;etcure that i attended,as promised.

keep on fighting.


4:28 AM  
Anonymous amindformurder said...

In the U.S. the leading "psychic detective" has worked with FBI personnel and lectured at the FBI Training Academy. However, an investigation conducted in 2006 reveals that Noreen Renier, (9 appearances on Court TV's Psychic Detective series) provided untrue information before millions of TV viewers and also during testimony in a court room. See Thank you.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous SM said...

I haven't read all the PMP series yet, but I bookmarked it for future reading. I too believe that so-called psychics are some of the worst leaches around. Of course I like a good horror thriller and reading my horoscope for the fun of it, but these things are for me entertainment not facts or science...Sylvia Browne and her ilk should be held accountable for the suffering they do to parents of missing kids, like what happened with S. Hornbeck's parents on Montel. And talk-show hosts should do more to instill skepticism in their audiences than invite Browne and the likes. The 17th century was the age of Enlightment, could the 21th century be the age of the Gullible?
Much luck in your search for Jason.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Staunch said...

The Independent Investigations Group has been examining the public claims of Carla Baron – a self-proclaimed “psychic detective” who has solved fifty cases in the past twenty years, or has solved no cases in the past three years, depending on whether you believe her or us.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The effect that a missing loved one can have on the family left behind is beyond belief.
My friends daughter went missing a year ago,they know where she is but haven't seen here.
My friend cries all the time,I don't know what to say to her anymore.
She was told utter crap by so many psychics,none of it was anywhere near the truth.
God bless all the families of the missing xxx

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Glendene Grant said...

Kelly...when my niece asked Sylvia Browne about my missing daughter JESSIE FOSTER, she told Linda to call Mike at her head office. We figured it was to charge us for this info, which we would never pay for. I just figured "why not", when Seb & Linda won the tickets on the radio to go see Sylvia Browne in Calgary, Alberta. But then again, it was just another let down in the search for Jessie Foster. Love Jessie's mom, Glendene /

2:54 PM  
Blogger Jessie'sMomGlendene said...

I also wanted to say that when I first talked to Kelly about my missing daughter, JESSIE FOSTER, she warned me about psychics in general and Sylvia Browne specifically. I was on the fence, so to speak about her, as I used to watch the Montel show, etc with her on it - now, I change the channel when she comes on!
Thank you, Kelly for showing me the light about her.
Jessie's dad, Dwight always thought the way you do and even emailed James Randi about her, when it came to Jessie's case. It is posted online somewhere.
I have friend request pending for James Randi on MySpace.

3:08 PM  

Dear Kelly,

A short note to let you know that I have done as you requested.

Many good wishes in your search for Jason and you will know that I am thinking of you in that search.

Empathy x

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My cousin was murdered back in 2007 and its still a cold case even with the family who hired many many so called Psychic Detectives.This is all a scam especially The Psychic Challenge with Michelle Whitedove who even the Mediums involved told me she was given the answers.We need to liste to God when he tells us we must stay away from them.Go to and just see how they blasted my cousin's name on their site.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous hopeforhailey said...

I am glad to have found this site,I am one who has been searching for "Missing Hailey Dunn"for almost 5 months.We have had a searcher in another group use a psychic and now the group I am in has also used her and are scheduled again June 1st for another blind drive with this psychic.
I remember reading in The Klaaskids Foundation that psychics are a hazard .guess we start grasping at anything.
Thank you for this information.

8:57 AM  

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