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3/2/06 Looking for Sarah Part II

Sarah Kinslow has been missing from her home in Greenville, TX, since May 1st, 2001.

Runaway is the label placed upon Sarah's case. Is she a runaway? Should that matter? Would it lessen the pain and the longing? No. Does it decrease the assistance provided? Probably, yes.

"The last night that she was here, we went to the high school orientation together to see the different classes that would be offered the following year," Louise recalls. "On the way home we talked about her taking Driver's Ed, getting a job, the possibility of going to Belgium the following summer to visit her friend who had just moved there. I sometimes took her to a country road to let her practice driving."

On the fateful morning, Sarah was dropped off at Greenville Middle School at 7:20 a.m. by her dad, where she walked away. 1½ months later she was caught on video tape at a local convenience store/gas station with her boyfriend. She had short, brown hair in the video.

Louise said: "I get frustrated that the police didn't really do anything to the boyfriend when the video from the gas station was viewed. I get frustrated that there is nobody - no PI that can dedicate all of his time to finding her (though I understand they also have other things to do). I get frustrated that there are aspects of this case that have been mishandled, and people that could have been interviewed but were not. I get frustrated that we are nearly at 5 years and still no Sarah to be found. The solution would be to put 2-3 people on the case that would work closely together, do some brainstorming, talk to any leads that we have gotten. Being more aggressive would be a good start!"

One morning, Louise sat down at the table and started to write. This is what flowed from her pen:

"Where are You, my Dear?
Did her friends help her leave?
Did she leave on her own?
Did somebody take her?
Will it ever be known?

No body to bury,
No waves “goodbye”
But never I see her
And I don’t know why.

Even tho’ it’s been years
Since it all came about
I’m still crying tears
That just keep coming out.

The tears that won’t stop
When night turns to day.
The pain is severe
And never goes away.

So young and so pretty
We miss her so much.
So kind and so gentle
I miss her sweet touch.

We’ve suffered so much,
Please call or come home.
We’ve stood it so long
We can’t bear it alone.

My comfort’s from Jesus
The Lord of my life.
Without Him I’d die
He keeps me alive.

We don’t bear a grudge
But have grave concerns.
Are you okay?
We long for your return.

We’ve looked long and far.
Looked here and there.
Been on TV
But have found you nowhere.

Please answer my call
“Where are you my dear?”

I’m going insane
Because of my fears

Have you no pity?
Is your love for us gone?
Are you able to answer?
Have you found a new home?

We wish you the best
In all that you do.
Take care of yourself
We’ll always love you.

And Jesus, my Savior,
He loves you, too! "

A mother in pain can forgive, because love forgives.

To be continued...........

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