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4/6/06 (PMP) Contradictions, Not Answers

Today’s guest writer is Louise Kinslow, mother of missing teen Sarah Kinslow.

“The first "psychic" (I'll call her Linda) approached my husband, John, and I in our driveway as we were getting ready to leave. She told us that she had been having dreams about Sarah for quite some time, and that Sarah kept telling her that she wanted to be found. Linda said that she didn't know who Sarah was until recently when she saw her flyer in a store window. She said that she sensed the fragrance of Honeysuckle and asked if Sarah wore Honeysuckle cologne. She told us of a place where she kept seeing in her dreams and believed that we would find her there. We went over there, and found nothing.

Linda once called me around 11:30 p.m. to tell me about a dream she had just had about Sarah that awakened her. She suggested that we should look in manholes, because she thought that Sarah had been put in a manhole somewhere on a certain highway between our town and another close-by town. By this time she had decided that Sarah was somewhere near where honeysuckles would grow in the spring. No, we did NOT go look in manholes!

In 2005, after about the third airing of our segment on the Montel Williams show, I received a phone call from a woman (Robin) whom I believe was from Wisconsin or maybe Minnesota. She told us that she had seen the show, and that she felt compelled to call us about Sarah, and that she may help to resolve our case for us. She said that she had gained her psychic abilities after one of her sons had committed suicide a few years ago. She told me that there is no charge for her "readings" that she records on cassette tapes. She cited a case she had worked on and helped to resolve it. I told her that I agreed for her to make the tapes from her "readings" and would listen to them shortly after we had received them.

The tapes arrived about 1½ - 2 weeks later. As I sat down to listen to them, I knew almost from the very beginning that it was a sham. There were 5 two-sided tapes to listen to. The longer I listened, the more I knew that none of these things were true and felt the presence of evil in her 'readings' and in her voice.

In the end, she had Sarah being killed (within a couple of weeks after she disappeared) by a cult that a deputy sheriff was involved with, and her body was supposedly buried in a barn that was in a very remote area where no noise from her screams could be heard.

In the conclusion of the tape, she offered to allow us to fly herself and her (surviving) son to Texas (of course, all expenses paid by us) to help us find the area where all these things happened. Of course, I never did contact her, but trashed the tapes. She is out the cost of the tapes and of the postage. I guess she figured 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'.

The fact is, though, that I have a video that shows Sarah and another person from after about 5 weeks since she had left home. This is how I cling to hope that she is alive.

I have never contacted a psychic about Sarah, and don't feel compelled to do so. A woman where I work claims psychic abilities and has told me some things that she believes to be true about Sarah. However, she had contradicted herself at least once. I have prayed that if this is not of God, that she would not bring this up to me again. She doesn't bring it up. I have asked her one of two quick things (as a test) since she first brought it up, but she never brings it up on her own.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that most of the resolutions that psychics have to our missing loved one, usually are bad ones.

Anybody besides me notice that the 'psychic' on Montel looks evil and contradicts what the Bible says?”

Yes, Louise, we noticed.

To learn more about Sarah Kinslow, please see

We understand that many people believe that psychics are effective in solving crimes and finding missing people. Please keep in mind that the goal of this series is to help families understand techniques used by persons making these claims and make better decisions about the use of psychics.

Project Jason and its volunteers cannot act as a clearinghouse for persons claiming success in using paranormal means to locate missing persons. We will be unable to respond to emails or other correspondence sent to us from persons making these claims or persons offering information about or referrals to psychics.

We instead invite those persons to present their evidence to the members of the James Randi Education Foundation. They have a forum available for you to discuss your claims.

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Blogger jennster said...

i'm not pyschic at all, but i did have a dream once or twice about a missing person. i felt compelled to tell the family what i had dreamt. not that it proved anything, but it was my way of helping- because what if SOMETHING from my dream was accurate? what if just 1 tidbit of the whole thing was right?
i would never intend to hurt anyone and i'm just a normal person. and i'm just sorry that people take advantage of other people in a weakened state. i'm glad that she could feel the presence of something not right. i think it's so helpful to follow our gut instincts in situations like these.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Please go back to the beginning of this blog series and read again. You're missing the point.

You know, I had a friend, once, who thought her dreams meant something, too. She too, felt compelled to "help" those around her. She placed more importance on her interpretation of those dreams, rather than actually listen to the needs around her. Her interpretations were always wrong and has lost more than a few friends because of it.


9:08 AM  
Anonymous Luke T. said...

Your gut instincts are suffering from diarrhea. Running off at the mouth about a dream does not HELP. Think about what you are saying and how it only adds to the family's misery. If you really were tuned in to the world, you would see prattling on about dreams only adds to their personal hell, not the solution.

The family and friends of a missing person don't need dreams. They need facts. They need to know where their loved one is, not some phantasmagorical gibberish brought on by too much pizza.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Kelly Jolkowski said...

Hi Jenn,

We thank you for your support and for your readership. I'm glad that you care for the families of the missing and those whom are lost to them. I don't want these blog comments to become a debate forum. I can also appreciate where Luke and Elaine are coming from in what they said. On our forum, one of our posting rules is as follows:

"There will be no visions, dreams, or "psychic" revelations as those are unproven and can cause hurt to the families and prejudice to the case."

Our dreams and visions are not really much different than a psychic's impressions or guesses. In the same way that it is unproven that psychics can and do solve missing person's cases using paranormal means, the dreams or visions of ordinary people are also not proven as a means to solve these cases. These can cause the same loss of hope or false hope that a psychic's claims cause.


5:01 PM  

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