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4/14/06 (PMP) No Conscience

Today’s guest writer is Luke T., from the James Randi Educational Foundation forum. Luke also authored “But the News Said Psychics are Real”, posted earlier in this series.

No Conscience
By Luke T.

This is a continuation of the story about the disappearance and murder of Lori Ann Leonard. You can read the first part here:
In this portion, you will be able to read an actual transcript of a conversation between a predator and a victim.

Conscience. According to the dictionary, “The awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong”.

If you have read this far into the series on predator psychics and still have lingering beliefs in their paranormal abilities, perhaps it would help you to know that not one psychic anywhere in the world predicted the events of September 11, 2001 or the devastating Pacific tsunami of December 2004. Not. One. And that is really all you need to know about psychics, dear reader.

Some psychics will tell you they had dreams or visions presaging 9/11 or the tsunami. Now. After the fact. But no matter what their excuse, just keep that simple fact in mind. Not one predicted those events ahead of time. So the next time you read a psychic prediction of an impending disaster, with the attendant location, scope, and magnitude given (which will turn out to be wrong), just remember that.

Remember the next time you see Sylvia Browne on television making predictions or advising people of the fate of their loved ones that she was on Larry King Live on September 3, 2001. And failed to predict the events which were to occur eight days hence. Not one word.

John Edward was on Larry King Live September 10. The day before 9/11! Again, not a word.

See for yourself:

Remember, too, what was said here by the people who have presented their first-hand testimony of their experiences with psychics who preyed on them during a time of unimaginable emotional distress. That all the psychics who gave them the information about their missing loved ones conflicted with each other. One psychic says their loved one was stabbed to death, another says their loved one was strangled, yet another says their loved one is alive. Each psychic painted a vivid picture of horror for them to play in their minds with their missing loved ones experiencing every hell on Earth. Ask yourself what kind of monster it takes to submit someone to that kind of head game in the middle of an already unbearable nightmare. Ask yourself if such people deserve any faith or respect or honored place in our society. These predators are riding in on the coattails of the most vicious of kidnappers and murderers to make victims of the victim’s family and friends. Remember that the next time you are tempted to visit a psychic for advice or consolation.

What of those well-intentioned people who feel they must relay their psychic dreams to a victim’s family, who feel an overwhelming internal pressure to pass this information on? Well, since no psychic dream ever solved a case, is it really a good idea to call a complete stranger who is going insane with fear and grief, and tell them you dreamed their missing loved one is at the bottom of a hole in the woods near a body of water? How ethical is one’s conduct in such a case?

Of the many psychics who victimized Lori Ann Leonard’s family were two, Linda and Tracy, who worked together. Linda and Tracy insisted on speaking to Lori’s sister, Jennifer, in person, to which Jennifer consented. During that conversation, they told Jennifer that Lori was alive and being held captive in a cabin in the woods. Lori’s panicked family and friends insisted the police follow up on this psychic lead. The police relented, and not surprisingly, a search of the cabin was fruitless. That is because Lori was already dead before the two psychics visited Jennifer, and she had never been held in any cabin. However, no one knew this at the time. Obviously, not even the psychics.

Based on the claims of many other psychics, one can’t help but wonder if these two brag to prospective clients that they assisted the police in the case of Lori Ann Leonard’s disappearance. Some assistance, eh?

Linda and Tracy did their best to cover their grievous error about the cabin in the woods and to keep their hooks in. It was then that they engaged Lori’s friend, Dawn, in an online conversation to try to explain themselves, and to give further psychic insights into Lori’s condition and fate.

Before we get into the transcript, you should know what really happened to Lori. Lori was murdered by Shawn Doyle, her ex-boyfriend. He has received a 25-to-life sentence. Lori was found by a local fisherman with a bandana stuffed in her mouth, inside a tool chest at the bottom of Lake Champlain in New York State.

When reading the transcript, you may want to know what Shawn Doyle looks like. If so, a photo of Doyle can be seen here:

It is somewhat chilling that he is wearing a bandana in that photo, isn’t it?

In the following transcript, Dawn uses the online name of “fellonia” while Tracy uses the online name “kittiee”. The character “Belle” is another psychic who preyed on the family.

This is a long transcript. All the more a demonstration of just how far off the psychics were. When you consider what actually happened, this transcript completely buries the validity of psychics.

Dawn has told us that at the time of this conversation, she believed in the ability of psychics. After this experience, as with so many psychic predator victims, that is no longer the case. In parentheses in the transcript are Dawn’s comments regarding Tracy’s visions.

fellonia (7:36:22 PM): HI, this is Dawn. Would you rather I call so we can talk about Lori??? My number is xxx- xxxx
fellonia (7:38:06 PM): and yes i was the one on the phone the other day when you came to Jenny's
kittiee342002 (7:39:07 PM): i have to wait till my daughter gets back so i can go to a phone ...mine is off
kittiee342002 (7:39:32 PM): cool ive been tryin to reach her
kittiee342002 (7:39:55 PM): there is more to this thing and i was hopeing it would help

fellonia (7:40:14 PM): I forwarded your letter to Jenny and to investigator Wade. I called him the night you came over. They did look into the cabin as i'm sure you read on the website. They came up empty handed I guess.
kittiee342002 (7:41:14 PM): have they looked in INLET (oh, now she's in Inlet!)
fellonia (7:41:28 PM): I don't know if they looked in Inlet.
kittiee342002 (7:41:37 PM): they need to!
fellonia (7:41:41 PM): I can ask him tomorrow.

fellonia (7:42:40 PM): I have gotten two calls this week about Lori from people that at one time saw visions and now the visions are gone indicating that she had died recently (she died May 4th, that's not recent)
fellonia (7:42:46 PM): are you getting the same thing?
kittiee342002 (7:43:35 PM): there is a boat lauchin INLET and from that boat launch look acrossedthere is a camp need to check it (back to the camp thing again)
kittiee342002 (7:45:09 PM): and i have to say belle said that too that she is gone and that he moved her ...she said she is in a field not alot of trees just tall grass and brush (wrong. She was never moved. She was put in the water immediately)
fellonia (7:46:14 PM): ON the side of the road?

kittiee342002 (7:46:25 PM): i will have to tell you in person what happened to my friend linda ...she doesnt know lori only that i know her and im very upset about her being gone (now all the sudden she has to tell me in person)
kittiee342002 (7:46:46 PM): yea
kittiee342002 (7:47:03 PM): did you guys call belle ?
kittiee342002 (7:47:37 PM): i want to ask you something?
fellonia (7:47:46 PM): I don't know if Jenny did. I think she might have.
fellonia (7:47:51 PM): yes?

kittiee342002 (7:48:13 PM): the person of interestname is shawn right? (oh, great "guess" it was all over the internet and on our web page)
fellonia (7:48:18 PM): yes
fellonia (7:49:14 PM): I posted it on the website last week. Our media wont say his name but it has been all over the news in Hudson Falls
fellonia (7:49:30 PM): I know Shawn very well
kittiee342002 (7:49:36 PM): ok i want to describe him to you from what i have been told by my friend linda -k- tell me if im right
fellonia (7:49:38 PM): I can tell you a lot about him
fellonia (7:49:45 PM): ok

kittiee342002 (7:51:26 PM): he is tall .dark hair kind of short in the back a little long in the front dark eyes musclar has a little scary look to him (all wrong)
fellonia (7:51:40 PM): no
kittiee342002 (7:51:58 PM): ok
kittiee342002 (7:52:09 PM): how close am i
fellonia (7:53:11 PM): I'm 5'4" and he is definitely taller than I am but he isn't huge. Last time I saw him his hair was really short all over but that could have changed. He actually looks like kind of a dork to me
fellonia (7:53:50 PM): He does have tattoos ALL over his arms.
fellonia (7:53:56 PM): wears glasses

kittiee342002 (7:54:04 PM): there are 2 people involved shawn took her there and came back and someone else was with her there (wrong, Shawn acted alone)
fellonia (7:55:12 PM): Just so you know. There is no way that Shawn has been with her since the beginning. They are watching him like a hawk
kittiee342002 (7:55:19 PM): well linda said he was tall med build dark hair ,hair was short but he like had some bangs (see how she changed the subject and the description, but still wrong)fellonia (7:56:00 PM): Shawn is very skinny
kittiee342002 (7:56:17 PM): right but what they said was he took her there and then he came back (wrong)
kittiee342002 (7:56:28 PM): ok

fellonia (7:56:52 PM): Did you read all the info on him we posted on the web site. About how he tried to kill a woman before
kittiee342002 (7:56:57 PM): awww that makes it worse
kittiee342002 (7:57:47 PM): YES why was he out to be able to do this ! i cant beleive he only got probation
fellonia (7:57:48 PM): The girls mother saved her life from him. He was choking her and had her tied up
kittiee342002 (7:58:39 PM): dawn i will tell you what else linda seen -k-
fellonia (7:58:58 PM): ok

kittiee342002 (8:00:33 PM): she said this camp im talking about in INLET she went in there in her vision
kittiee342002 (8:03:39 PM): this house is yellow w/burgundy trim when you walk in there is a small kitchen sheseen an old man with grey hair,tall hefty glasses wearing belted pants shirt tucked in (wrong, Shawn's house is white. No burgundy anything)
kittiee342002 (8:05:17 PM): there was a frail old lady sitting in abrown leather recliner and she tried to say somthing to us but the old man told her to shut up (Shawn's grandmother is dead)fellonia (8:06:39 PM): would that indicate that the people in the cabin were deceased?
fellonia (8:06:59 PM): the old man and woman?

kittiee342002 (8:07:49 PM): the living room was l-blue carpet was d- blue the curtains were green/blue with white scrolls behind the recliner was an attic door with curtain covering them kittiee342002 (8:08:18 PM): nooo i think its his grandparents and there covering for him
fellonia (8:08:30 PM): ok i get it
kittiee342002 (8:08:53 PM): linda said she was scared of the old man and the other man in the attic
kittiee342002 (8:10:11 PM): then linda pulled down the curtains and opened the door ...this is were it get scary
kittiee342002 (8:12:57 PM): when she opened the door she seen atthe top of the stairs a tall guy sweating med build dark hair eyes are glossy dark blue tank top jeans linda sees lori looks like she hanging white blanket around her all in ropes (so now Lori is hanging in an attic? BTW- Shawn has blue eyes)

fellonia (8:14:18 PM): what does she think the guy is doing?
kittiee342002 (8:14:22 PM): there was a struggle and he ran off with her and she cant see where he went with her
fellonia (8:14:37 PM): a struggle with Lori?
kittiee342002 (8:18:58 PM): ohh i forgot this imreading what she wrote from a paper its all out of order cause when she was writing this she waslike rocking and she could breath she said it was soo real..when she walked in the house she seen lori hanging in a blanket and thats when the old lady tried to speak and couldnt and then it went on from there we went back down to the kitchen there was an old porclin sink and lori was standing next to the sink
kittiee342002 (8:19:17 PM): the struggle was with us
kittiee342002 (8:19:25 PM): we tried to get her

kittiee342002 (8:21:59 PM): she walked up to us and said "IM OKREALLY IM OK "the man is standing next to her glaring she was made to say it
fellonia (8:22:59 PM): SHe was standing next to the sink after she was wrapped up in the blanket?
kittiee342002 (8:23:21 PM): and we walked out side the driveway was paved with tall pine edging the driveway
kittiee342002 (8:24:06 PM): yes linda said that she was like saying im ok now because linda said that she has past
fellonia (8:25:08 PM): Does that mean that the man has passed too if he was there glaring at her? (at this point I am totally confused)

kittiee342002 (8:25:46 PM): i wish i could have linda talk to you ...linda was crying when she told me tthis
kittiee342002 (8:25:59 PM): noo the man was glaring at us
kittiee342002 (8:26:31 PM): you know i will ask linda about that
fellonia (8:26:39 PM): ok
kittiee342002 (8:28:06 PM): but linda doesnt even know laurie (she's a psychic and she spelled Lori's name wrong) i asked her what the girl looked like and she said blond hair blue eyes but lori has green very thin pretty (Lori has brown hair when she went missing)

kittiee342002 (8:28:36 PM): did she wear contacts?
kittiee342002 (8:29:25 PM): in the pic i have her eyes are like very green and i didnt know if she wore the color contacts
fellonia (8:29:47 PM): No lori does not have contacts and at the time she went missing she had brown hair.
kittiee342002 (8:31:30 PM): linda had alot of weird colors in her vision and she even said shes not sure what they mean (nice cover)
fellonia (8:31:34 PM): my 13-year-old daughter just said that the one thing she remembers about Shawn is that he had piercing blue eyes.

kittiee342002 (8:32:58 PM): was he from around here i know his family is from up there but did he live here ? how did lori get involved with this guy?
fellonia (8:34:21 PM): She met him on the internet
fellonia (8:34:32 PM): his entire family is from that area
kittiee342002 (8:34:49 PM): i want to go up theere myself and look to see if her vision is true with the camp up thereshe said that the camp is lived in all year round
fellonia (8:36:21 PM): Might not be safe. I wouldn't suggest doing that if I were you.
kittiee342002 (8:38:38 PM): linda seems to think that she is in the area near cascade lake and shallow lake like somewhere in that area (I thought she said before it was Inlet?)

kittiee342002 (8:39:38 PM): i would go to the house .i want to see if everything is like what she said
kittiee342002 (8:39:50 PM): wouldn't^
fellonia (8:41:39 PM): Good. I just wish we could find her. I feel like we are all in limbo and no one really seems to know what to do at this point.
kittiee342002 (8:42:11 PM): what is your number again im gonna go over to lindas and call you there are more details that isnt on the paper ..if you want me too ..she said it was like she was there. if you heard it its different than what i just typed to you there is more to it (more? Really? We never found out)

fellonia (8:42:49 PM): ok. Call me xxx- xxxx
kittiee342002 (8:43:49 PM): i know and im pulling at straws it will lead to her god it hurts me and cant even imagin what you guys are going through
kittiee342002 (8:44:02 PM): hoping^
kittiee342002 (8:45:39 PM): ok ill give you a call in a bit ...will you be up for a little while?fellonia (8:46:02 PM): yeah, I will be up till at least 11
kittiee342002 (8:46:45 PM): i have to see if linda is home if not ill come back and im you -k- thanks for listening i hope something will help
kittiee342002 (8:46:47 PM): ok

fellonia (8:47:30 PM): thank you for contacting us. We appreciate anything you can give us at this point. I am going to call Jenny and let her know I talked to you.
kittiee342002 (8:53:50 PM): ok im going to lindas ill talk to you soon
kittiee342002 (8:54:00 PM): bye bye
fellonia (8:54:06 PM): ok bye (she NEVER called me back and EVERY attempt I made to contact her was ignored. Lori was found 14 days after this discussion.)

In loving memory of Lori Ann Leonard

We understand that many people believe that psychics are effective in solving crimes and finding missing people. Please keep in mind that the goal of this series is to help families understand techniques used by persons making these claims and make better decisions about the use of psychics.

Project Jason and its volunteers cannot act as a clearinghouse for persons claiming success in using paranormal means to locate missing persons. We will be unable to respond to emails or other correspondence sent to us from persons making these claims or persons offering information about or referrals to psychics.

We instead invite those persons to present their evidence to the members of the James Randi Education Foundation. They have a forum available for you to discuss your claims.

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Anonymous Paul said...

Reading that transcript of the description of Linda's "vision" it sounds to me like nothing more than a bad dream. Many of the things she describes are very dreamlike, like the sudden changes in setting (first Lori is wrapped in a blanket, and then she's standing by a sink). It makes me wonder if Linda isn't emotionally or mentally ill, and her friend is taking advantge of her as well as all the people she victimizes.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

would it not be more significant
to comment on particular indiviuals instead of lumping whole groups of people like sheep?

12:10 AM  
Anonymous RSLancastr said...


When someone writes an article warning people about Nigerian scam emails (The type which say "I will share my millions of dollars with you if you will just give me your bank account information!"), do you tell the author that he or she should not warn people about these scammers, because that would be "lumping people together like sheep?

Should that author instead write a separate article about each of the thousands of individual senders of Nigerian scam emails?

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I know is that, when it comes to a case I have been working on regarding an unsolved homicide, as many as 50 "psychics" volunteered to help. No two gave me the same name for the victim, no two gave me the same description of her killers, etc.

There may be some people genuinely gifted in this area but I am certain it is a select few and most likely those people are working with Law Enforcement, NOT taking advantage of family members.

1:35 AM  

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