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7/6/07 The Untold Story: Awaiting DNA, Part IX

Please see this post for an explanation and introduction before reading:

Part IX: (*Names and places have been changed)

Thursday, July 1-Monday July 5th:

I called Oceanview directly about the toenail and blood type. I find out that a female (*Deputy Hunter) is in charge of this case here. She is probably the person I spoke to the other time I called there, the one who told me about the “European” look. She was not in, so I talked to some woman, who was nice enough, but could not really do much for me. She said she would pose my questions to Deputy Hunter later today about checking the toenail and the possibility of drawing blood. She then told me to call back if I don't hear anything within a WEEK. A WEEK? I wanted to scream. The body is still there, (another contradictory piece of info) so why would it take a week to do any of these things? She had our home phone and my cell phone with instructions to call. I was as clear as I could be about trying to eliminate things faster so we do not have to wait.

That afternoon, I spent about 3 hours tracking down Marcia, the DNA crime lab tech. I had no idea where she was other than the *Nebraska DNA Lab. I researched online and did not find her in any of the DNA Lab’s staff directory. That took over an hour. Then I hit the jackpot by deciding to read an old newspaper article about DNA processing for a rape trial. The article mentioned the crime lab and that it can take up to nine months, but is free. As an aside it mentioned the DNA lab in Omaha. I picked up the phone book and called various numbers until I found the DNA Lab here. I asked for Marcia Randolph and had to once again be transferred and call more numbers. Someone commented that no one ever called for her. I had found her.

So, we had to go through the back doors and find ways to get some answers we wanted, even though the people who were supposed to provide these answers seemed ok with us waiting and wondering. Thanks to Mike revealing the crime lab lady's name, I was able to track her down and actually talk to a live person. Marcia Randolph is from the Forensics Lab and she was the one doing our samples. She received a blood sample from the John Doe yesterday and said it will take two weeks to process his and ours. She said she could not tell me the results, but if we haven't heard anything after that two weeks to call her and she will tell me when she sent the DNA report (at the police dept) and to whom she sent it. I asked her if she could do the blood typing and she said it is not allowed. She said that would be up to Oceanview.

If we could get Oceanview to check the toenail and draw blood (IF THERE IS ANY IN HIM) those were the only other avenues I could pursue at that time to potentially lessen the wait.

I guess we should feel "lucky" that it will only be 2 more weeks. I was doing some reading on DNA testing for crime purposes, and the waits are usually much longer. I was grateful for that.

I decided to give Oceanview a chance to call me about the toenail and the blood typing. They did not, and before I knew it, the long 4th of July weekend had arrived. There would be no more answers forthcoming and we would have to steel ourselves for another long weekend of not knowing.

On Sunday, Michael & I went to Grand Island to visit the family for the 4th. We could not tell them and had to pretend everything was “normal”, well “normal” to us anyway. I had wanted to share this news with several people, as I felt like I needed the support. There were days when I just needed a hug, but we could not burden others with our wait, and Jim was afraid that if we told too many people, it would slip to the press. We did not want that, nor to be gossip fodder, nor to have others feel sorry for us. We just wanted this to be over.

We had a nice visit, and the time away from home helped lessen the reminders that we were playing this awful waiting game.

To be continued.........................

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly, What an ordeal.The frustration in waiting for answers can run the mind crazy. I will tell you by readingyour diary helps me know that others are going through very simular emotions.I am not a big reader but this has drawn me in since I too have a missing child.It can be so overwhelming and at times its hard just to go on, but knowing that you and your family have survived this long gives me hope. You are an inspration to many people
Keep marching on and know that you have the grace from the good Lord above

mother of Roxanne Paltauf 7-7-06

9:29 AM  

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