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6/30/07 The Untold Story: Awaiting DNA, Part VI

Please see this post for an explanation and introduction before reading:

Part VI: (*Names and places have been changed)

Thursday, June 24th:

I had one more day at work again, and then I could rest. I researched and found the Oakview PD info on the Net and called them late in the morning. I spoke with a *Lt. Parker, who seemed nice, but had to go to a meeting. He gave me the case Detective’s name and direct line, plus his own direct line. He said to call him if I did not get results. I left a message for the case detective, *Mike Monroe.

By afternoon, I decided to email them with all of the information I wanted. I thought that might make it clear what was needed, and then nothing would fall between the cracks. I also thought of finding out his blood type and ours, as I recalled that certain blood types could not exist in children, based on the parent’s types. I also wanted to throw out the emotional appeal, as email communication was nil from this detective back to Omaha.

At work, I casually asked some of my co-workers if they knew anything about blood types and how to know which ones could not exist in offspring, based upon the blood type of the parents. I was desperate enough to ask other people who did not know what was happening to us, questions that might provide information that would help. They thought it odd, as anyone would, why I was asking these questions. I explained in truth, that it is for a missing person’s case I am working on. I was somehow able to discuss it without giving any hints that the missing person’s case I spoke of was indeed very close to my heart.

I then wrote this email letter to Mike:


I understand that you are working on this case in conjunction with the Omaha Police. I was just talking with a Lt. Parker there and he did not have time to get the answers I need on this case, which is listed as #2003-5244 on the Oceanview site.

As Lt. Parker told me, it could take months to get a DNA test processed on this young man. I would like to find out whatever information I can, so as to possibly eliminate him as being my son. I do not want to have to keep waiting for these answers, so that anyone who does know, will not have to suffer this additional agony of waiting along with just the general pains that family has in a missing person case. I would appreciate any answers you can provide as quickly as possible.

I spoke with a woman in the coroner's office, who seemed to be familiar with the case. She described this young man as having a "European" look, and that the tops of his ears were somewhat pointy. She also said he had thin, very lt. brown hair. None of those characteristics would match Jason. Jason had also never had his wisdom teeth removed, at least not at the time of his disappearance three years ago. Jason has thick, wavy, medium brown hair, and the tops of his ears were not pointy. His earlobes were rounded and curled up and his ears protruded.

I would also like to verify some information about the feet. Can you please tell me the shoe size in the American equivalent? Jason also had a bad large toenail that at one point had fallen off. I do not recall if it was the right or the left foot. I believe he had injured it, so I would think that it would be fairly likely that if it grew back, it would not be normal. One of his tennis shoes we found was an 11 1/2.

What was his blood type? I believe that both my husband and are are O, but I cannot recall if we are positive or negative. Perhaps that could eliminate something too, as I know certain blood types are not compatible with others.

I cannot imagine why it would take up to 9 months to process this young man's DNA sample. Omaha said they can process ours within a month. No matter, to help us get through such a long waiting period, I would greatly appreciate any and all information you can provide in this respect. We want to know whatever you can tell us.

Whoever this man is, I hope that his family can be located and his killers found so that justice can be served. I hope that he died quickly, and did not have to suffer much. My heart aches for him, regardless of who he is.

Thank you.

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason

When I called Lt. Parker, I just told him I was from a Missing Person’s organization in Nebraska, which of course was truthful, but I realized there was no need for me to hide who I was. Perhaps that might bring quicker results anyway.

We had decided to share this with Sara, and the time came for me to do it. She sensed there was something very wrong. I could not even tell her on the phone. I emailed her the details and the beginnings of this journal. She was most supportive and had several people praying for me constantly, even though they were not told why.

To be continued...............

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