Thursday, June 28, 2007

6/28/07 The Untold Story: Awaiting DNA, Part IV

Please see this post for an explanation and introduction before reading:

Part IV: (*Names and places have been changed)

Monday, June 21st:

It took me awhile to begin to focus on the work I needed to get done. It wasn’t going to get done by itself, so I had to dig in. Time started to move faster. 4:00 came, and I hadn’t heard anything from Carl. I called and was told he was on a special assignment today. I was not going to put us through this hell another day, so I looked up that awful website and called the number on there to find out about the shoes myself. I scrolled the page down to where I did not have to look at his face. I had to go through a couple of people, but then talked to a woman and told her what I wanted to know about the “John Doe”. She did not even ask who I was until the point of callback. She would research and get back to me.

I went and ran an errand for Project Jason and she called back about 10 minutes after I was home. She said it was a shoe size 9 ¾. The brand of shoes is not common in the US. I checked the web to find out the sizing on that brand. It appears to be one size smaller than American sizing, which would make it 10 ¾. Jason’s tennis shoes were 11 ½. The woman also said that she now knew who I was and had seen photos of Jason. She does not think it is him. She said the boy has a “European” look, thin light brown hair, and the tops of his ears are pointy. This does not match Jason at all. He had his wisdom teeth removed. Jason did not, but who knows what happened in three years time. She was not able to find out about the toenail, but said she will call back if she is able to find out. If the toenail is healthy, I would say that would clinch it. I’m sure they have submitted the DNA comparison test, and that is fine.

Jim is feeling much better now. Just in telling him this, I can hear the immediate change in his voice and demeanor. A huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. Jason could be dead, but who would want the horrid fate of this young man? I told him this is why I had to stay as neutral as I could. I have to protect myself from the full brunt of the pain and the possibilities. One day maybe we’ll get that phone call again, and this time it will be him, or, there could be a knock at our door, and we could find him there, alive and well.

I feel strongly that this person is not Jason. Waiting for the DNA test will not be as difficult armed with this new information. After the past few days, it almost seems “easy” now. Thank God!

Tuesday, June 22nd:

Tuesday was my birthday. The day came and went without a phone call from the police. We went out to eat and shopping at a new mall. We talked about the events of the past few days, and agreed that we would use this story publicly if need be to help people understand the need for an id kit, regardless of their age.

After going through just a few stores, I had enough and wanted to go home. I tried to call the station and ended up leaving another message. They had no idea I had called California, so why would they let us go this long with no answers? I know they are probably short staffed like most government agencies, but it was so difficult to have to wait for answers.

To be continued.....................

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