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7/5/07 The Untold Story: Awaiting DNA, Part VIII

Please see this post for an explanation and introduction before reading:

Part VIII: (*Names and places have been changed)

Monday-Wednesday, June 28-30

On Monday, June 28th, I wrote to Mike:

Good morning,

Can you see if you have the blood type on record today? I would thinkthey would have that kind of info in an easy to retrieve method.

Thank you.

Kelly Jolkowski

And after yet another day of waiting, I received the following reply:


I'm sorry for not getting back to you right away, I'm off onMonday's. I just got off the phone with the Coroner's Office and theytold me that blood type is not available. The Coroners Office is sending a sample today to the University of Nebraska for comparison. We should have an answer soon.

Detective Mike Monroe

I wrote back on the same day:

Thank you so much, Mike.

If the blood is being sent here, I would guess it could be a couple of weeks to find out the type? Do we know anything about the toenail yet? I would think when they gather all the data about the body that blood type would be among the available data. Given that it is apparently not, I would strongly suggest that it routinely become a part of that data set for people like us who would nothing better than to quickly eliminate these John Does as being their loved one. I know you don't have anything to do with that, of course, and I am venting in a sense. This waiting is very difficult. Thank you for any and all info you can share.

PS: Is the sample they are sending for the DNA, or did they already send that?

I then received this reply:


I have a message into the Coroners Office about the unique toe.I have not heard from them yet. I would expect the blood type and DNAprofile to be a priority on unidentified victim cases. I do not have the information to comment on this particular case. I cannot say how long the DNA comparison will take. Marcia from the Nebraska DNA Lab told me that it would take a few weeks compared to several months quoted by the Nebraska and California state labs.

Detective Mike Monroe

On June 30th, I replied:

Good morning, Mike,

I certainly don't wish to be a thorn in your side, but when you get in contact with Oceanview, I would like to clarify whether or not the body is still there, as I have conflicting information about that. If the body is still there, I would think that someone could check the toenail quickly and even draw blood to check the type. Regardless, it would be a good thing to clarify the status of the body just the same.

Do you have contact info for Marcia?

Thank you.

Kelly Jolkowski

Late on that same day, he responded:


I was told that the Oceanview County Coroners Office is in possession of the body. I have asked for information on the toe and have not heard from them on this. This is out of my control. The blood typing and DNA profiling, from what I understand, will be done at the Nebraska DNA Lab. The Coroners Office advised me that 30%-40% of the population has type O blood and this test would not be conclusive. I wish that this process was set up in a way that would offer faster answers to your questions.

If I can be of more help, let me know.

Detective Mike Monroe

My last correspondence with him (June 30) was:


Thank you for that information. I do understand that this is out of your control. I appreciate that you have checked on things and responded. I know you will let me know if you get additional/new information.

Kelly Jolkowski

I sensed that he was getting annoyed with me. He wasn’t in my shoes, so how could he even begin to comprehend what this waiting was like? I noticed he never gave me Marcia at the DNA labs contact info, but that wasn’t going to stop me from finding out anything to eliminate John Doe as being our Jason.

Mike was right about the O blood type, but what he didn’t know is that I had found out through the Red Cross that Jim’s blood type was B, the more rare type. A types closely followed O’s in percentage of the population. I was an O. An O and a B cannot produce an A type child. If we found out that John Doe was an A, he was not Jason. Why was this so difficult?

To be continued.................

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Blogger luvmypeanut said...

Kelly I just have to say that I am frustrated just reading your story! I cannot understand why these people wouldn't want to expedite these tests and why wouldn't the detective go down there himself and verify the toenail? I understand that they deal with death all the time, that this is their job but come on!!

I do not know how you managed to get thru this......

You have provided some real insight into what goes on behind the scenes in cases like this. I know you will be helping families in the future when God forbid, they're in the same situation.

Continued prayers.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jolkowski said...


Amazing, isn't it? I don't think any of my requests were out of line or difficult to handle.

We had it lucky, believe me. I have known families who had to wait 9 months+ for their answers.

Thanks for the prayers.


12:05 AM  

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