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6/22/07 The Untold Story: Awaiting DNA, Part II

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Lead in from yesterday:

We wanted to know what happened to this person. The body had been found in a ditch or ravine in *Oceanview County near *San Andreas, CA last fall. The coroner did an autopsy and as he was a “John Doe” after a period of time, they buried him. I asked how he died. Carl checked to be sure we really wanted to know. We felt like if it was our son, we should know his fate.

Part II: (*Names and places have been changed)

He was stabbed multiple times and then his head was smashed with a rock or other heavy object. The coroner had to reconstruct the head and face as best as they could to take photos for identification purposes.

They took a photo with the eyes open and used that for the artist’s sketch. Carl had this sketch with him. I asked to see it. Jim agreed he wanted to see it, too. Carl showed it to Jim first. Then I looked at it. I didn’t feel it looked completely like Jason, although it could be him. I commented that the teeth in the sketch looked like they had slight gaps between each one. He said that it just appeared that way in the sketch and that the sheriff had looked at photos of Jason’s teeth and said it could be a match. We talked about the fact that Jason’s ears protruded. He said that was one of the reasons why they are looking for the match.

They swabbed us both for DNA and said they will put a rush on it, but they do not know how long it will take, and as it is the weekend, there is no one else around who can check on this timeframe question. I asked about other photos, the ones before they did the reconstruction, and Carl said we probably did not want to look at those. I verbalized that I could never look at them regardless of the outcome.

In the meantime, we gave him some other information, which can be checked into on Monday with the CA office, such as shoe size and the fact that Jason has a bad toenail that may not even be there. If we could eliminate something like this, then we wouldn’t have to wait for the DNA comparison. I would love nothing more than to hear that this person’s shoe size was much smaller than Jason’s. We did find one of his old tennis shoes, and it was an 11 ½.

We were also asked to produce anything of Jason’s which would have fingerprints. We brought out some collector’s cereal boxes, which had nearly been untouched on a high shelf, plus his CD’s, but the crime lab tech said that dust had obliterated any fingerprints that may have been there. They had fingerprints on the John Doe, so, if we had fingerprints, we could have eliminated him that same night. We had none.

After Carl and the crime lab man left, I felt pretty sure I could find what Pam found on the Internet. It took me all of about 8 minutes to locate the page with the sketch and the information. The clothing listed didn’t sound like something Jason would wear, but the fact that there were no piercings or tattoos and the teeth were in very good shape matched Jason. There was no additional information on that page.

The image of this person’s face became seared in my mind. I can see him with or without my eyes closed. No matter who he is, the horrific manner of death is painful to hear. I hoped that he passed out from the pain or from fear, so that he did not have to suffer much. How people can do such things to another human being is hard to fathom, but then again abortion “doctors” do it every single day without thinking a thing of it.

There will be so many questions that might remain unanswered if it is Jason. Did the killer(s) leave behind any evidence? Can they tell if he would have died fairly quick, so as not to suffer? How/why did he get to California? Doesn’t anyone there miss him enough for Law Enforcement to tie together the pieces of the puzzle so that we know what he was doing? What will happen to the body? This list could go on and on.

On Saturday, I went on the last day of our tour. I could have let our two volunteers go on it by themselves, but they had never done a leg of the tour, so that wasn’t a good idea, plus we were to have press, and I couldn’t expect them to do interviews, too. I didn’t want to call anyone else to do it at the last minute and to lie and tell them I was ill. I felt that God would give me the strength to do this last day and no one would be the wiser that these things were transpiring in the background.

I hoped that we wouldn’t have people, as we do quite often, who refuse to take the id kits from us, even though it was obvious they have children, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hold my tongue in regards to their refusal to open their eyes to the things that can happen.

I never imagined that I would be the mother of a missing person, but will I now be the mother of a murdered child?

To be continued.......................

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