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7/2/07 The Untold Story: Awaiting DNA, Part VII

Please see this post for an explanation and introduction before reading:

Part VII: (*Names and places have been changed)

Friday, June 25th:

Thursday came and went. On Friday, I had a dentist appointment at 10:30, and in trying to be patient, I waited until I came home to call them. Now that I had their direct lines, I was going to call them every day until I was given the answers I needed. Of course, it went right into voicemail, so I left a message.

Not long after, I checked my work email remotely, and found a reply from him. He wrote:


I was not the case agent on this case when this person was found so I may not have the exact answers that you are looking for. Iwill do my best. As far as the DNA is concerned, this is handled by the Oceanview County Coroners Office. I have heard different estimations on how long it will take to process and compare the DNA, 2 to 6 months. Iwould suspect that the time delay in California is different from Nebraska because of the number of cases. I will do what I can to expedite this.

I talked with *Marcia Randolph from the *Nebraska DNA lab and she is working with the Coroners Office here to obtain a DNA sample for comparison to try and expedite this. I believe that the European look may have come from the type ofclothing that this person was wearing. His shoes were unique and made inEurope. I cannot comment on the ear shape because I did not see this person and cannot tell from the photographs. I did a measurement comparison on this persons shoes and it matched a size 11. Shoe sizes can be off one to two shoe sizes between different manufacturers. The dental record on the website was done by the coroner at the time of the autopsy. From review, it says that there was visible dental work done. I understand that your son had no dental work done up until the time ofhis disappearance. This would mean that he had dental work done after his disappearance or this is not a match. I cannot give you an answer about the bad toe. I will look into this.

I can only imagine the agony that you must be going through. I hope that I have answered some of your questions. Let me know what else I can do for you.

Detective Mike Monroe
Oakview Police Department
Oakview, Ca

I wrote back and said:


I am not at work, but just accessed my email there remotely and saw your reply. You may have sent that before I left you a voicemail message. Thank you for finding out what you did. Can you find out the blood type, please? I now have our blood types, so knowing his could eliminate him as being Jason. It would take a load off our mind if his was not compatible and we could find that out without going through another weekend. As far as the dental work goes, if Jason had dental work as a child, it was not extensive; otherwise I think I would remember it.

In gratitude,

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason

I found out our blood types by calling the Red Cross. You would think that the doctor’s office would have it, but they do not. Oddly enough, the Red Cross was in the phone book close to Jim’s doctor’s name; otherwise, I don’t know that I would have thought of it. Now if we could just find out this young man’s blood type. I also now knew which types were not possible, based on our blood types.

The clock ticked on, hour after hour, but still the phone did not ring, nor did I get an email with this answer.

I was invited to the birthday party of a friend that evening, and I planned on going. I occupied myself that afternoon by preparing a gag gift, as it was his 40th birthday. At 7:00, I was at the party, and still no call. It was 5pm California time. I focused on my friend and other acquaintances there and considering everything, had a pretty good time. It was good for me to be around people with regular lives, talking about regular things. I'm almost jealous of that at times. I’m sure that is an entirely normal way to feel. No one else there has to think about whether or not their child is dead. What a strange life we now have. As soon as I left the party, the feelings of sadness came again, knowing we would have to go through another weekend of the waiting.

To be continued............................

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