Tuesday, January 03, 2006

12/21/05 Maura Murray on ABC's 20/20

Update, January 3, 2006: Family members have been notified by ABC that Maura's segment has been postponed until sometime in February. We will let you know when it will air. No explanation was given for the change in schedule.

Maura Murray's family flew to NYC a few weeks ago to film a future segment (scheduled for January 6) of the ABC Primetime show 20/20.

A news story about the filming and Maura's story can be read here:

We had previously featured Maura's story on the blog in a series called "The All-American Girl".

We are pleased for Maura's family and have high hopes that this, and the new help they are receiving, will bring Maura home, or at least unravel the mystery of her disappearance.


Anonymous Carol said...

Oh Thank God!! I am so happy for the family and for Sharon and Billy! I have followed this case from the beginning and just like all of the missing.....someone KNOWS something...someone can help! I hope and pray that this will help.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous sharon said...

Dear Kelly,

I am sooooo humbled regarding this annoucement on your blog of ABC's featuring Maura on 20/20. From all of us that love and miss Maura, please accept our deepest gratitude.

As you shared in your original posting regarding Maura, we have developed quite a "kinship" since I first contacted you almost 2 years ago; yet I am more than surprised that with all of the missing persons that Maura has rated this attention. I know how VERY carefully you pray and consider which person will be featured on Voice4theMissing.

It is truly an answer to my prayers!

.......and "Carol", IF you are the same "Carol" that interviewed Billy those many months ago, we would love to hear from you! My private email address is the same or you can always reach me at mauramissing@hotmail.com

Wising everyone a Wonderful, Peaceful and Joyful Christmas!


12:44 PM  

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