Friday, December 30, 2005

12/30/05 I"ll be Home for Christmas--Conclusion

While our Jason wasn't home for Christmas, I knew somewhere out there that surely some family received a miracle of having their loved one back home for this very special day. It was unlikely it would be a family we knew. After all, we had experienced the early arrival Christmas miracle when Erik Buran was found safe and returned to his loving father.

On the night after Christmas, the phone rang. It was a mother of a missing 17 year-old boy. He had been missing for a couple of months. I had been working with her for several weeks, giving suggestions and resources, and trying my best to instill hope. She called me to tell me that her son had come home two days before Christmas. She was so happy. I was glad for her. She wasn't sure what the future would hold for them, but he was home, and they were communicating. Based upon what I knew of the case, I was surprised he had come back, not because of anything at home, but because of his personality and free-spirited nature. She was one of the fortunate ones. She had her Christmas miracle.

In addition, one of our Sundays of Hope campaigns, baby Jaylan Simmons, was found safe. His father received the joyous news right before Christmas. He traveled out of state to pick him up. He wasn't with him on Christmas Day, but there is no doubt that just knowing his son was safe and that they would be together again soon put him on cloud nine.

You can read more about Jaylan's recovery here:

One family did not receive the Christmas miracle they had hoped for in that their father, Alzheimer's patient James Mintle, would be found safe. Instead, James went "home" for Christmas. He was found on Christmas Day, having died of exposure.

Details are in several news stories on our forum:

I’m sure there were many other Christmas miracles all over the world, and not just ones for families of missing persons. I am grateful for these miracles, and most of all for the miracle that did occur in the homes of all who believe.


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