Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1/03/06 Waiting for Answers

We have 3 families waiting for answers today.

The families of Jennifer Wilkerson and Joanna Rogers are waiting on an ID of a body found by Lubbock. I have been informed that the clothing appears to be that of a male. Let's hope so.



The family of Norma Massa is waiting on an ID of remains found in the area she was missing. Norma is the only missing person's case in that county.


Please pray for these families.

I am doing behind the scenes work on the Campaign for the Missing 2006.



I need for these volunteers to send me an email: David, UT, Marti, WA, and Carolyn, SC.

All participants will receive an email this evening with news and information. We are still actively pursuing finding more volunteers.

I want to thank Red (ME Volunteer) from Scared Monkeys for posting it on his blog.


We also had courtesy posts on the Missing and Abducted Blog, plus the Disenchanted Forest put in a plug for us. Thank you!




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