Tuesday, December 20, 2005

12/20/05 Campaign for the Missing 2006 Participant List

Updated on 1/9/06

Here is the latest participant list for Campaign for the Missing 2006. We still have many states to fill, plus, I would liike to see more than one person in states other than the smallest ones.

Please read all about this campaign:

State by state participants:

AL: Kathleen Avant: Friend of missing LaQuanta Riley

AR: Lesley Graham, Friend of Project Jason and the missing

AZ: Amy Dattilo, Cousin of missing Molly Dattilo

CA: Carol Caputo, Sister of recovered missing person and friend of Project Jason
CA: Jannel Rap, Founder of 411gina.org, sister of missing Gina Bos
CA: Sabrina Ford, Friend of missing Wallace Richards
CA: Keri Dattilo, Cousin of missing Molly Dattilo
CA: Libba Phillips, Founder of Outpost for Hope

CO: Robert Bristow, Friend of the missing, has found that the model is already in progress there.

CT: Janice Smolinski, Mother of missing Billy Smolinski

FL: Joaquin Burgos, Grandfather of missing Claudia Perez
FL: Patricia Totillo, Team Leader for K-9 Search and Rescue

GA: Pat Pellom, Friend of missing/found deceased Bill Patterson
GA: Tina Howard, Friend of the missing
GA: Alayne Adams, Cousin of missing Leslie Adams

IA: Julie Hansen, Friend of Project Jason and the missing

IL: Linda Griffiths, Mother of missing Ryan Katcher

IN: Patti Bishop, Stepmother of missing Karen Jo Smith
IN: Nina Eaglin-Alcorn, Cousin of missing Molly Dattilo

KS: Linda Black, Friend of the missing

KY: Carrie O' Shea, Friend of Keri Dattilo

MD: The Maryland Missing organization states that the model is in progress there.

ME: Red, Friend of the Missing and Co-Publisher of ScaredMonkeys.com
ME: Shari Money, Friend of the missing

MI: Todd Bruchnak, Son of missing/found deceased Alex Bruchnak
MI: Krystin Ryder, DOE Network Area Director Team Member
MI: Wendy Mazoway, Doe Network volunteer

MO: Elizabeth Rivera, Mother of missing Elsha Rivera
MO: Tammy Navinskey, Mother of missing Ashley Martinez
MO: Brandy Shipp, Daughter of missing Summer Shipp
MO: Vicki Loux, Mother of missing Mark Hamilton

NC: Monica Caison, Founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons
NC: Kara Roberts, Sister of missing Leah Roberts

NE: Shelly Mlnarik, Mother of recovered missing child, Katlyn
NE: Michele Sells, Daughter of missing Melvin
NE: Melissa Harris, Mother of Amber Harris

NH: Louise Holmburg, Aunt of missing Lorne Boulet, Jr.

NJ: Jim Viola, Husband of missing Patricia Viola

NM: Jack Wilkerson, Father of missing Jennifer Wilkerson

NY: Dawn Popluhar, Friend of missing/murdered Lori Leonard

OH: Deborah, Friend of the missing
OH: Marcia Duning, Friend of the missing, owner of Angels that Care website
OH: Tara, Friend of the family of missing Amanda Berry

OK: Phillip Harris, Father of missing Justin Harris
OK: Linda Miller, Mother of missing Jeffrey Ben

OR: Robert Bristow, Friend of the missing

SC: Donna Parent, Mother of missing Brandy Hanna

SD: Nicole Shiffrar, DOE Network volunteer, friend of the missing

TN: Kathy Holloway, Mother of missing Jennifer and granddaughter Adrianna
TN: Shelley Brown, Founder of Tennessee Alliance for Families of the Missing
TN: Phelicia Morris, Daughter of missing Janie Lindsey
TN: Judy Downes, Grandmother of missing Christopher "Michael" Pierce
TN: Stacy Hunter, Friend of the missing and of Judy Downes

TX: Georgianna Kirk, Mother of Julianna Kirk
TX: Sheila Holland and Dana Ames, Founders of United Response Search and Rescue Team
TX: Rachel Carrasco, Sister of missing Monica Carrasco
TX: Kathy Carrasco, Mother of missing Monica Carrasco

UT: David, Brother of missing Elsha Rivera

VA: Susan Harris, Friend of Project Jason and mother of recovered missing son
VA: Melissa Phelps, Doe Network Area Director, friend of the missing
VA: Jennifer Treadway, Friend of the missing

WA: Michelle Baker, Project Jason volunteer and friend of the missing
WA: Dawna Bennett, Project Jason volunteer and friend of the missing

WI: Lori Resor, Friend of missing Justin Harris

We have 34 states with participants, so we still need your help. Please read the original Campaign for the Missing 2006 link for more information.

Thank you to those who have stepped forward and are willing to do what they have never done before out of love for their fellow man. Anything is possible!


Anonymous Tina H. said...

Kelly,I am so sorry you have lost a nephew now too.I have lost 2 nieces and a nephew.1 niece passed away at 14 from complications from cerebal palsy.my 16 month old nephew drowned and my 2 year old neice died after having a seizure from epilepsy.My prayers are with you.You are an awesome woman and have had to go through so much.

12:01 PM  

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