Saturday, December 31, 2005

12/31/05 Sundays of Hope for Week of 1/1--1/7/06

For this 1st week of the new year, I would like us all to pray for several things.

-More participants for our Campaign for the Missing 2006 and success for this campaign in each state.

-Reunion miracles for many of our families in 2006.

-Continued strength to go on for families who do not receive that miracle.

-Strength to go on for families who must deal with the pain of finding their missing loved one deceased.

-That all persons/organizations involved be given the tools, resources, and wisdom needed to better assist families of the missing.

-That our partners, Law Enforcement and the media, be guided to give appropriate and equalized aid to missing person's cases.

-Help our lawmakers to be open to our pleas for better systems that aid and protect all citizens.

-May persons who live a violent, harmful, or unstable lifestyle be given the help they need to become productive members of society.

-Guide family members to closer, healthy relationships with each other so that no person would feel a need to leave willingly and with notice.

-Protect the missing and encourage/allow them to make contact with their families.

-For those missing who are deceased and unidentified, may authorities be provided with the the neccesary tools and information to reveal their identity so these families will have their answers.

-Success for those persons who work behind the scenes to make advances in technology and resources that will strenghten the current methods and systems that pertain to the cause.

-For Project Jason and its volunteers, that we may do His Will in all things and be guided in every action and deed.

-That each day brings us closer to the answers we seek. May those of us who live in the not knowing be able to take turn away from our own negative emotions and reach out to others.

Sundays of Hope is a weekly prayer campaign for the missing. The week of universal prayer for the featured person extends from Sunday-Saturday. We encourage you to get involved with your worship community, prayer group, other club or organization. Print posters from the link provided and make available to interested persons in your group. Let us know that your worship community or other group is participating by sending an email to

Please include the name of your church or group, the city, and the state. Thank you.


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