Tuesday, October 25, 2005

10/25/05 Of Angels and Miracles

The 13th of the month marks the monthly anniversary of Jason’s disappearance. Many times on this day, something good happens. Sometimes it was something that would appear insignificant to others, and sometimes it was quite evident that the happening was a little miracle. We believe it is a reminder from God that we are not alone, and that He is pleased that we walk this path, even though it is rather rocky. We call it the “Miracle of the 13th”. I have already written about several of these miracles here, although I did not name them as such.

It had been quiet lately in this respect. We know that one does not ask for something like this, and the absence of it simply meant that we were being carried by faith. I can only guess that because of the quiet, God decided it was time for one to come in with a roar. It began with a post here called “A Brief Commercial Break”. In this post I spoke of purchasing a new cordless headset telephone. In mentioning one of the reasons we wanted to buy this type of phone, I stated that the computer we use belongs to us, not Project Jason, and that we all share it. I wrote in my typical detailed fashion, not even thinking that an earth angel would see one of our needs in my words.

I will call her “Mary”. She’s not the type of person who wants to be recognized for her good works. Mary reads my blog everyday. She prays for our family, for the families I write about, and for missing persons. She looks for a lesson in each story that can be applicable in her life. Mary and her family live a comfortable life, but they do not buy into the excessive need for things as some do. In fact, Mary’s family does something very unusual. They choose a charity and find out a need of that charity. As a family, they discuss this and decide upon a wish they can grant. They then give up things they could have bought for themselves and use other means to raise the money needed to grant the wish.

After Mary read my post, she wrote to me, telling me that she wanted to buy us a computer. I was so amazed and surprised that it took me until the evening to reply to her. I emailed my husband, telling him the incredible news. Could it be possible that someone we didn’t even know, a stranger to us, reading our story on the Internet, would be moved to do such a thing?

Over the course of several days, Mary and I corresponded. She told me that she wanted us to pick out a computer that met all of our needs and that would last for a long time. I researched pricing and carefully reflected upon those needs. I chose a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop that included the software we only dreamed of having, such as slide presentation software and much better photo enhancement software than we’d had prior. My head spun, thinking of all the things we could do with it. Numerous educational slide presentations top the list. Also, at public events, we can show parents how to look up sex offenders in their own neighborhoods from Internet sources. We can run a slide show of the missing persons on the Adopt a Missing Person program, making it easier for people to understand the program and choose someone. I’ll be able to take this on Project Jason trips and better stay connected with the families we serve. Mary and I were both equally excited, thinking of all the possibilities, like two eager children on Christmas morning.

I gave Mary the final specs and she ordered it for us. She emailed me to let me know the order was placed. It was October 13th.

Mary and I are also working together on some other projects. One of these I will be announcing soon, and the other is a longer term project. Mary is encouraging me to post a wish list. This is hard for me to do, as I attended the school of “God will provide”, but I will do it at some point as there may be other angels out there who may have a desire to help.

The laptop has arrived and I am working to move the Project Jason related files to it from the old PC. I hope to complete this process this evening, and then I can start to work on learning the new programs. It is quite a transition from working on a standard PC to a laptop. I am trying to get used to the touch pad and the tapping sequences that replace mouse use. My son, Michael, is used to using a laptop at school, and he has been helping me with it.

Mary said she learns life lessons from my stories, but I learned one from her. I witnessed the true spirit of giving. While some may think of the gift in monetary terms, and as a possession, a physical item, so to speak, I see it as a vessel to continue to improve upon our fulfillment of the Project Jason Mission Statement:

“Our mission as a non profit organization is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.”

There is no price tag that can be placed on our work and its value. Thank you, Mary for being one of our angels and providing us with a Miracle of the 13th for everyone we serve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just so wonderful, I'm crying tears of joy for you and Project Jason! Yes, Kelly, I agree, you should post a wish list. And, don't ever forget your schooling "God will provide". Because He has "provided" you with "Mary", just as He has provided you to me. I am very grateful to Him for you.

With Hope always,
"Daddy's Girl"

11:04 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

I believe in Angels and miracles....Mary is proof, as are YOU, Kelly!!!

Love and prayers,

12:00 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jolkowski said...

You are absolutely right, Kathleen...I didn't even see it that way...how beautifully put.

Thank you to Carol for being a special friend, not just to me, but to many in our cause.

God bless,

1:15 AM  

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