Saturday, October 15, 2005

10/15/05 Gina's Been Gone for 5 Years

On Monday, October 17th, Regina Bos of Lincoln, NE, will have been missing for 5 years. Her family will never forget her, nor will they let us forget her.

I believe I have been going to her annual remembrance concert for 4 years. Gina's sister, Jannel Rap, a singer-songwriter from CA, looked me up when she found out about my missing son, Jason. Lincoln is just 55 miles down I-80, so it wasn't difficult to make the trip and meet this talented singing family. One voice and one guitar is missing though, and that is Gina's.

The press release for the two related events is as follows:

For Immediate Release: Oct 10, 2005

5 Year Disappearance of Lincolnite Brings Music, International Webcast and NASCAR

In honor of: Gina Bos Missing since Oct. 2000

5th Annual “GINA Concert”
OCTOBER 16, 2005

Meadowlark Coffee House
1624 South Street
Lincoln, NE

Jannel Rap with Yvonne Perea

Local talent: Shawn Benjamin, Brian McDonald, Von Rap, Patty Sullivan, Leann and Tammy (Rap) Smith, Mick Damian, Mike Johnson & Steve Ekery

Profiling Midwest MISSING:
(**Family members will be in attendance)

**Gina Bos and **Melissa Schmidt-Lincoln, **Jason Jolkowski-Omaha, **Jackie Rains-Krachman-Columbus, **Erin Pospisil-Cedar Rapids, Molly Datillo-Indianapolis, Ashley Martinez-St Joseph, Justin Harris-Casper, Wyoming, Robert Thomas Pillsen-Rahier-Colorado Springs and April Wiss-Wichita


Saturday Oct 22 from 10-12PM CST or 8-10 PST

Web Cast to highlight Gina and Midwest Missing. Tune in early to watch this interactive event!

In Concert: Jannel Rap and the C Street Band, The Squirts and other Midwest Artists
NASCAR NOV 10, 2005
in honor of GINA Bos' Nov 4, 1959 Birthday! A larger than life image of Gina Bos on the hood of the Napa Auto Parts Chevy Monte Carlo in the NASCAR Elite Division Southwest Series #94. in front of a crowd of nearly 60,000 people.

ABOUT“G.I.N.A. (Greater Information Now Available) for Missing Persons:

Over 100 GINA Concerts have been held from LA to NYC and most recently have evolved to a monthly LIVE WEBCAST. These concerts feature artists and the missing from their area of the country each month.

100’s of missing children and adults have been profiled on our Web sites, CD’s, America Lost and FOUND, Warrior’s for the Missing, the GINA Concerts. Some of the missing have been brought home to their families.
For More Info:

As you can see, Jannel is truly a Warrior for the Missing with all of her endeavors. She's started two organizations, and a TV show to highlight stories of the missing. She gives concerts all over the US to bring attention to cases of missing persons, many who have had little to no attention in the media. She sings from the heart in the same way I write. She knows the heartache, but she keeps on singing because she has the hope that springs forth from a loving heart. I am honored to know her.

For Gina, who I am sure knows how much she is loved.


Blogger blogger among many said...

The link for Gina web site is .org. You have does not work.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jolkowski said...

Thank you. I will notify the family.


12:01 AM  

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