Friday, October 21, 2005

10/21/05 Another Stolen Angel

Updated on 7/23/06: Julianna was found safe this week and has been reunitied with her mom!

Meet Julianna Kirk. Her birthday is October 29th, next Saturday, and she will be three years old.

She won't, however, get to celebrate the day with her mom. Will she even have a cake with candles and presents to open?

Her father took her on May 28, 2005 from Shertz, TX. There is a felony warrant out for his arrest. He, and a female companion, may be headed to Mexico, Indiana, or California. The car they were driving was found in Corpus Chisti, TX, driven by another man. It is not known if the man was related to the two in any way.

Her mother doesn't wish to divulge any details which could compromise the case, so little information is available at this time. She is grateful for any help she can get to find her little angel.

Julianna is on Project Jason's current 18 Wheel Angel campaign. You can download a poster of her and place it to help find her. A link to the poster can be found here:

Additional information and photos of the abductors are here:

Updates on other stories:

Ryan Katcher's story in the Chicago Tribune was moved from last Sunday to this coming Sunday, October 23rd.

Don't forget to see Joanna Rogers' story this Tuesday on the Maury Povich Show.

Saturday night, October 22 will bring us the 2nd national webcast of concerts for the missing put on by Jannel Rap and her organization. This concert will feature missing persons from the Midwest. Information on the webcast is at


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