Monday, October 17, 2005

10/17/05 Coming Up--Edited 11pm

Sometime on Tuesday, I will post a new interview with Robert Buran, father of abducted Erik Buran. His story was originally presented in my post "The Cutest Little Boy".

We update you on the progress in Erik's case and also share news of Erik's debut on a national TV show.

It's a story that will bring tears to your eyes as you read about the special love this man has for his son, manifested now in his non-stop crusade to find him.

With your help, we have hope that we can bring Erik back home.

4:00pm CST: Robert has been fielding numerous phone calls and emails today, so was not able to complete the interview. He will do this tonight after seeing Erik on the Nancy Grace Show on CNN Headline News. This show airs several times throughout the evening. Please check your local listings for the channel.

I will be posting his story very late this evening. Be sure to tune in to the Nancy Grace Show tonight.

11:00pm CST: Erik was bumped from the Nancy Grace Show due to a high-profile case. We'll let you know when this will air as well as our interview. Thanks to those of you who did check back and who watched the show. We'll get on next time!


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