Sunday, October 23, 2005

10/23/05 Bravo Lincoln Journal Star

Today the Lincoln (NE) Journal Star published a story about Jason's Law being put into place, which mandated the Nebraska State Patrol to begin and maintain a missing person's clearinghouse. The clearinghouse will bring awareness to all missing person's cases in Nebraska, regardless of the age of the missing person. It will also faciliate communication between law enforcement agencies, media, and the public about these cases.

The article also told our story and the struggles of those who live in the not knowing. It summarizes our efforts to keep pounding the proverbial pavement of the general public, always looking for people who are willing to be our eyes and ears.

What was most remarkable to me, which is not known by reading the online version, is that this story ran on the main front page, and a LJS employee by the name of Matt Van Driest added a huge full color collage of some of the missing persons in Nebraska. This collage included age progressed photos as applicable and basic case information. Anyone who picked up the paper that day could not avoid noticing it.

Just think, if we could get other newspapers to do something like this, even if just occasionally, what an impact it might have. I won't be surprised if the State Patrol doesn't get quite a few calls from the public tomorrow about this. Perhaps these calls will all be inquiries, but perhaps some could be leads for any of Nebraska's missing, including my own son.

Bravo to the Lincoln Journal Star, the article's author, Gwen Tietgen, and Matt Van Driest. By the way, Gwen did a fantastic job interviewing me, and on writing the article. She has a sincere and keen interest in our cause.

I'm going to have to write a special newspaper media challenge now, as the LJS has raised the bar in going beyond just the story. They took it all the way. They could have just published the story and perhaps one or two photos, but they published the photos of all the missing persons who are currently on the State Patrol's website. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thank you, LJS!

(The Nebraska State patrol continues their work to institute Jason's Law.)

The article:
The NE State Missing Person's Clearinghouse:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reader's digest does this occasionally -- photo spreads of missing people, that is. The main problem would be that the spreads take up a lot of space, and newspaper editors are anxious to put as many words into as small a space as possible, as there is not much to work with. You'd have to convince editors that the benefit to the public is so great as to preclude space consideration.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How wonderful to see fruits of your labor of love for Jason.

I know the last thing you want is to be congratulated, nonetheless - Congratulations on this recent success!

I pray that soon you will enjoy the greatest success possibe for you and your family: News from a safe and healthy Jason.

Blessings to you !


"Our help is from the Lord, who created heaven and earth." Psalm 24:8

3:59 PM  

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