Sunday, December 11, 2005

12/11/05 Messages of Hope 2005

Messages of Hope 2005
(This is our second year for the program.)

Dear Friends,

Some of the families we work with have neither websites nor guestbooks at this time. From my own experience and many discussions with families of the missing, I can tell you how much it means to them to receive kind messages of hope, especially during the holidays. I can tell you that there have been times when I was feeling down, and just then, I would receive via email or read on Jason’s guestbook, a wonderful “Message of Hope”. Just knowing how much a stranger cared would lift me and made me feel full of hope again.

Please imagine the empty spot at the table in our homes, and how for the most part, we do not know what has become of our loved one. When most everyone gathers together for the holidays, we gather together too, but lack one very important person.

What I ask of you is to take just a few moments to compose a brief message of hope for one or more of these families. The list below includes families with no websites and/or guestbooks whom I am in communication with. The link beside their name will give you additional information about their missing loved one.

Choose one or more families and compose a “Message of Hope” and email it to me. In the Subject line, type “Messages of Hope” and then add the missing loved one’s name. I will forward your message to the family anonymously. (Less your email address) Should they reply to your note, I will send that back to you anonymously. (less their email address)

For some of these families, this is the first Christmas without their loved one. I know it will mean so much to them if they receive these messages. Please consider lifting them up at this very difficult time.

Thank you, and may you and yours be blessed.
Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason

Please choose from the following: (You may choose more than one.)

Elsha Rivera, ignored by LE and media, her young children are now in the care of her mother, Elizabeth, who is ill:

Norma Massa, an older woman with dementia, forgotten by media outside her area, her daughter, Laura, won’t let her be forgotten:
(Note: My error in regards to Norma. She does have a website, but there is no guestbook or family contact info there.)

Julianna Kirk, abducted by her non-custodial father, her mother Georgianna, waits, hoping this little sweetheart will be home for Christmas:

Craig Frear, teenage boy, disappeared without a trace, his parents, Veronica and William, have searched far and wide for him:

David Brewer, recently disappeared, was always in frequent contact with his mother, Rosie, he may be vulnerable to those who might take advantage:

Richard Clark, has dementia and the mental ability of a very young child, wandered off from home, unconfirmed sighting in OH, may be hitchhiking with truck drivers if this sighting was him, his daughter, Kim, won’t give up hope:

Please send your Messages of Hope no later than December 23rd to


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