Monday, December 05, 2005

12/05/05 Urgent: Sighting of James Rowe

There was a positive sighting of James....please help!

His story is here:

He was seen at a truckstop in GA around Thanksgiving Day. He was with a girl named Emily. They also had a small dog with them that looks like a bulldog.

James seemed to be ok. He has a new tattoo of a vine that runs from his neck to chin. He has his ear gauge disks in place and piercings on his nose and chin.

James told the person at the truck stop that he was travelling to a warmer climate, and that he planned to travel along I-10 from Tallahasee Fl to Sacramento, CA.

Anyone in these areas, and especially truck drivers, should be on the lookout for James.

A printable poster can be found here:

If you have seen James, please call the Saguache County Sheriff's Department at 719-655-2544.

Thank you.

Updates and/or additional information will be posted here.

11:45pm: More on the story of this sighting: A man met up with James and the female on the day before Thanksgiving. He felt bad that these two young people did not seem to have a place to go; a family to dine with. He spoke with them for 30 minutes and gave them $20 for the road. James referred to himself as James, although he did not give a last name. He was wearing a beanie style hat, so we are not sure of his current hairstyle at this time. The man also said he was wearing camoflague clothes and boots. We are waiting to hear more about the girl. They were said to have been heading west on Interstate 10.

The man felt there was something going on with these two and did research on the Internet after he was home. I don't know how at this point, but he found Project Jason and James' photo on it and is sure he is the same person. We'll know more tomorrow. One thing is for certain: Laura and her mom, Sue, feel a very powerful boost of hope.

If you live anywhere along I-10, or know someone who does, please help with poster spread, especially in the truckstops or rest areas. We'll know more on Tuesday.


Anonymous Peggy Roche said...

Praise G-d! I am so incredibly happy to read this! Please home! Alot more folks than you ever knew want to welcome you back!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Oh, thank goodness! I hope this a definite sighting and that James is well and will call home or be found soon. What a wonderful breath of hope to receive at the close of the day. Thank you, Kelly, for bringing us this great news. Bless you.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

I am eternally grateful for everyone who has helped in our search for James;especially Kelly,and Scott. WOW,The Boston Globe-awareness! This is a major break in our struggle to get public awareness so we may find our loved ones.
James co-workers have said about him "His face screams compassion. He is kind,caring, and compassionate to all."
Please help us in our search for James. Your family is waiting to hear from you James. Let's rejoice in your return...Call home. We love you James.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Uriah said...

From the sound of it if this sighting is correct, James isn't "missing" at all - he's right where he wants to be. I wish he's at least write a letter or something to give his family some peace of mind, but he may well have valid, legitimate reasons for not doing so. Nobody outside of his family or beyond the confines of his own skull can know for sure.

8:59 PM  

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