Saturday, December 03, 2005

12/03/05 Sundays of Hope

Sundays of Hope is a weekly feature on Voice for the Missing.

We want to encourage worship communities, church groups, and others to commit to praying for the missing person (and their family) during the week. Weeks run from the Sunday-Saturday after posting. If you want to help by adding your prayers, let us know the name, city and state where your group or church is located by sending an email to

The history of Sundays of Hope is found at

(Jaylan was found safe.)

This week's Sundays of Hope campaign is for Jaylon Simmons, age 17 months from Sioux City, IA. Jaylon was taken by his mother after a court of law granted custody to the father, Jamie. Her whereabouts are unknown.

You can read more about Jaylan here

Thank you for participating!


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