Friday, November 25, 2005

11/25/05 Larry King Live Show Tonight!

This evening at 8pm CST, The Larry King Show Live will feature an interview with our friend, Monica Caison of The Cue Center in Wilmington, NC. Monica has been assisting families of the missing for over a decade now, and has expertise in many areas, including Seach and Rescue, and support for families.

Numerous missing person cases were chosen to be featured on the show including:

Ashley Renee Martinez

Jason Jolkowski

Brandy Renee Hanna

Lorne Boulet

Regina Bos

Jeffrey Lee Ben

Yolanda Bindics

Molly Dattilo
Audrey Nerenberg
Heather Teague
Leah Roberts
Samantha Burns
Joshua Middleton
Pamela Waldher
Crystal Soles
Mary Mount
Kent Jacobs

We thank Monica for her work in the cause, and for insisting that several cases be highlighted on the show. We hope and pray that the show might bring answers to these families, ours included.

You can find the Cue Center online at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont have cable tv so I cant watch but everyone will be in my thoughts and prayers!! I pray that finally our prayers are bringing visable results and the media is now focusing on the missing!!
Thank you Monica, and thank you Kelly for all that you do!

6:54 PM  

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