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11/3/07 Jason on America's Most Wanted Website

Our missing son, Jason is now on the America's Most Wanted website. (not to be confused with being on the show, unfortunately) A long time ago, he was listed, but when AMW redid their website, for some reason, they removed his case and did not restore it. We had our law enforcement submit his case twice, and now with a push from one of our volunteers, we finally have him back on there!

Jason Goes Missing

On June 13, 2001, Jason Jolkowski went missing from his home in Omaha, NE. Jason's boss called that morning to find out if he could come into work early. But according to his mother, Jason's car was in the shop so he arranged to meet a c-worker boss at Benson High School, only eight blocks away. Jason showered and changed and headed out the door. His little brother, Michael, recalls last seeing Jason around 10:15 a.m. taking garbage cans to the garage. But when Jason's employer called back to the house 30-45 minutes later because he had not shown up at the high school, the family knew something was wrong. Jason had simply vanished.

"Someone, somewhere, knows where our son is and could help us find him. Six years is too long to live without knowing."

Into Thin Air

Jason had a close relationship with his family, so no one believed he just made up his mind to disappear. Authorities monitored his bank account, cell phone and the body shop where Jason left his car. Nothing. The family estimates that Jason had no more than about $60 when he disappeared, and Jason never picked up his remaining checks from work. With no clues, police relied on information from neighbors that remember seeing Jason leaving his home near the Benson area in Omaha. But no one reported seeing anything suspicious. According to police, in addition to working and attending community college, Jason was a radio announcer, considered a trusting kid and naive when it came to the streets. Omaha authorities suspect foul play.

A "Shy Guy"

Jason was a shy young man who spent his time with family. He typically did not spend a lot of time socially interacting with friends. His family says he was not a drinker or drug user and that he spent most of his time either at home or at work. Before he disappeared, Jason was preparing to start a new job, about which the family says he was excited.

Jason was last seen wearing a blue Cubs hat and a white Cubs or "Sammy Sosa" t-shirt, black pants and black dress shoes.

Since Jason's disappearance, his family has become advocates on behalf of missing persons, founding a non-profit organization, Project Jason, and passing Jason's Law in Nebraska.

If you have any information about Jason, please call the Omaha Police at 402-444-5818, or at 402-444-STOP if you wish to remain anonymous.

There is currently a $5,000 reward offered by the Carole Sund Foundation.

To help the organization founded in Jason's name, click here.

Thank you for caring,
The Family of Jason Jolkowski


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As a mom of two young children, this is my greatest nightmare. praying that God will wrap you in comfort and peace. I am so sorry that you have been through this horrible sorrow.

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