Saturday, November 03, 2007

11/3/07 Important Information for Families of the Missing

Families of the Missing: Don't forget to take advantage of Project Jason's free Healing Harbor benefit! This is even more important now as we head into the holiday season, traditionally a difficult time of year emotionally for most families of the missing.

Healing Harbor is a free service provided to families of the missing by nonprofit organization Project Jason and Duane Bowers, LPC.

Families of the missing suffer a unique tragedy, one with which many professional counselors do not have the training or experience to be able to properly service their clients. In addition, many families do not have the financial means to seek professional counseling. Duane is one of the nation's most qualified counselors in regards to issues faced by these families, and we are honored to have him with us to answer your questions.

Healing Harbor can provide answers and assistance on a variety of emotional issues that effect family members of missing persons. This assistance may provide the boost needed for that family member to deal with and adapt to the situation without seeking counseling. (Please keep in mind that Healing Harbor should not be viewed as a substitute for individual, private counseling if needed.)

Families of the missing who elect to participate in Healing Harbor are invited to post their question to Duane in our private forum area. These questions may cover any topic of interest in respect to emotional issues that relate to having a missing person in their life.

Some recent topics covered include:

  • Helping a young child to deal with having a missing loved one

  • Understanding fear of change as it relates to having a missing person in your life

  • What it means to be "stuck on the day the person went missing"

  • Understanding feelings of guilt

If you are a family member of a missing person, and would like to take advantage of this service, please register at our forum, located at

After registration, simply follow the instructions in the verification email you will receive, and then let us know that you have registered, so we can grant permissions for you to enter the special forum area. Email us with your username, the name of the missing loved one, and your relationship to them. After verification, we'll open up access to Healing Harbor to you. Once we set it up so that you have access to the Healing Harbor Forum, it will be displayed on the main forum page at

We hope that you will find healing in our safe harbor.

With Hope for all of our Missing Loved Ones,

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,Project Jason


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