Saturday, October 20, 2007

10/20/07 New Forum for the Missing

Good Day,

Project Jason now has a new forum! The web address for our forum is

The old forum had some technical issues with logging in associated with 3rd party software that could not be resolved, so we spent weeks testing a new one so that our guests and family members will have trouble-free browsing. It is of prime importance to us that our family members can access the private support areas of the forum without any problems. Now it's time to unveil the new forum, which has many new features including a calendar, and soon, a chat room.

The Project Jason Forum for the Missing is a great place to do case research for DOE researchers, family members, and law enforcement. There is one thread per listed missing person which includes all the news and information our volunteer researchers can find. Close to 1,000 missing persons cases are posted at this time.

In addition to the missing persons case sections, there are educational areas as well. Topics include the government's role in missing persons, Amber Alert news, safety and prevention, sexual predator control and management news, and much more. There is also a thread called "Good News--Missing Persons" which showcases stories in the news about missing persons who were found safe, some even after many years.

You can also find information about all of Project Jason's services and awareness programs, such as the 18 Wheel Angels. Introductions to the Campaign for the Missing and our Law Enforcement training are also included, as well as steps to take when a person is missing.

There are several private areas on the forum for family members of missing persons. In these areas, family members can meet and share tips and ideas for awareness. They can also support one another, forging new friendships with others who truly understand, all away from the eyes of the general public. There's also Healing Harbor, the only service of its kind in the US, which offers free online counseling for families of the missing.

Our forum is different than all other missing persons related forums you'll find. Our primary goal is to bring awareness for these missing persons, and secondarily, offer a safe harbor for the families. You won't find case discussion going on at the Project Jason Forum. What you'll find is a place full of information, lovingly built to help the families of the missing and support them.

Come and see who we are and, more importantly, look at the faces of our missing loved ones. They have no voice until found, so we, along with their families, will be the voice for the missing; speaking for those who are not among us but who are forever in our hearts.

With Hope, Always,

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
I work for BBC World Service radio and today, one year after Madeleine McCann went missing while on vacation with her parents in Portugal, we are asking how long can you go on looking for a loved one. I saw your campaign and I was hoping you would have time to join us on the telephone today after 12pm Central time today (Thursday May 1).
World Have Your Say is a BBC World Service discussion programme that is broadcast on Sirius and XM satellite radio and NPR stations across the country as well as around the world and on the internet.
Please let me know what might be possible today.
Many thanks,
Peter van Dyk

World Have Your Say
BBC World Service radio
Bush House
Tel: 011 44 207 557 0635

8:58 AM  

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