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11/2/07 Candles of Hope for LaQuanta

Candles of Hope for LaQuanta

December 7th, 2007 will mark 4 years since the family of then 19 year-old LaQuanta Riley saw or spoke to her.

LaQuanta disappeared from Montgomery, AL, and was last seen by relatives at approximately 11:30pm getting into a green car, either a Taurus or Caprice. She was wearing a yellow and green Ecko shirt, stone-washed blue jeans, and green and yellow Reebok tennis shoes. There are no leads in LaQuanta's case and the family clings to the hope that someday she will be found.

To honor and remember LaQuanta, her family will be hosting a vigil of hope for LaQuanta. The vigil will be held on 5:30pm on December 7th, 2007 at the Hayneville Road Community Center, 3315 Hayneville Road, Montgomery, AL 36108. The public is invited to attend.

At the vigil of hope, LaQuanta's family and friends will place candles, one per week since LaQuanta's disappearance, for a total of 208 candles. Her family is a simple one, and LaQuanta's case never generated much interest with the media or the public, so Project Jason is asking for your help.

To show this grieving, but yet hopeful family that we do care, we are asking for you to help the family reach their goal of acquiring 208 candles for use at the vigil, with at least one from each state in the US.

Would you consider purchasing a candle to send to the family? If everyone helps, it should be easy to reach our goal.

If you'd like to help, here's all you'd need to do:

Purchase a candle which is free-standing and will not allow wax to drip down the sides or out the bottom while lit. Attach a message of hope for LaQuanta's family and note your state on the card. Mail your candle, allowing enough shipping time to reach Montgomery AL by December 3rd, 2007. Indicate on the note if you prefer to remain anonymous.

If you'd like to purchase a themed candle, LaQuanta's favorite color is blue, she likes music, cooking, and has a great love of the Bible and God.

Mail your candle to:

Candles of Hope for LaQuanta
244 Cornell Rd.
Montgomery AL 36109

Updates on the candle campaign will be published here, along with any media stories about LaQuanta:

LaQuanta also has a website, which you can find at Please sign the guestbook as another way to show your support, and forward this message so that we can meet our Candles of Hope for LaQuanta campaign goal.

Thank you.

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,Project Jason


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