Saturday, November 18, 2006

11/18/06 It's Easy to Help the NCMA

Back in July, I wrote a piece about the financial troubles faced by the National Center for Missing Adults. (NCMA) They are still not out of the woods and the government funding (HR2103) that should have been in process still sits idle. The White House, has, at this time, ignored my request for answers.

For more information, please go back and read the original post here:

The NCMA has made it easier than ever to help by sending letters to our US Representatives, letting them know this issue is important and must be addressed!

Click on this link, fill out your contact information at the bottom, and click on "Submit Letter". This will take you less than 2 minutes to complete, but it could mean so much to the thousands of families of the missing in North America, past, present and future.

Thank you for helping.


Anonymous Carol said...


And welcome back! This place
has missed you! I have missed you!

As always, my prayers are with you!

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