Monday, September 25, 2006

9/25/06 Invitation to Omaha Area Families of the Missing

Project Jason Family Night

Wednesday, October 4th, 7pm
Omaha NE

Project Jason would like to invite all area families of the missing to the Project Jason Family Night.

Family Night is an informal gathering of family members of missing persons in the Omaha area. It is being held in conjunction with the 2 ½ day law enforcement training session, Investigating Missing Adults, conducted by Fox Valley Technical College.

Family Night will be hosted by two highly experienced missing persons’ advocates, Robert Cooke, from Georgetowne, TX, and Kelly Jolkowski from Omaha, NE.

The purpose of Family Night is for families of the missing (adults) to be able to meet and talk with other persons who have the experience of having a missing person in their lives. Open discussions about issues faced by families of the missing may include changed relationships with others, dealing with the daily fears and anxieties, frustrations with outside sources of help, and any other related topic participants would like to discuss.

For more information about Project Jason Family Night, please contact Kelly Jolkowski at Kelly.jolkowski(at sign) or 402-932-0095.

We hope to see you there.

Kelly Jolkowski,
Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder, Project Jason
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About Robert Cooke:

On January 10, 2002, Robert Cooke's oldest daughter Rachel disappeared while jogging in her parents' Georgetown, Texas, neighborhood. Robert has searched for Rachel for five years but has not found her.

While searching for their daughter, Robert found many problems with the system. Missing adults and teens are often ignored by law enforcement for several days or even longer. The early hours are crucial in a missing person case. Families and friends of missing loved ones need to know what to do and where they can go for help. In March of 2003 Robert and Janet Cooke created the Rachel Alert Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that helps provide missing person information and pointers to other agencies that can help.

Robert Cooke is also working to make improvements in the way law enforcement, the media, and the public perceive missing adults. Cooke provides a victim impact statement during missing person training classes for law enforcement created by the National Center for Missing Adults, Fox Valley Technical College, and the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance. Robert's ultimate goal is to have each case treated individually and then acted upon accordingly. Cooke also stresses continued communication between law enforcement and the families of the missing.

For more information about the search for Rachel Cooke please visit
For information about Rachel Alert Network, visit

About Kelly Jolkowski:

Kelly’s son, Jason, disappeared on June 13, 2001, at age 19, from the driveway of their home in Omaha, NE. Over 5 years later, the Jolkowski family lives daily with no leads or clues in Jason’s disappearance. Since then Kelly has become an active advocate for families of the missing.

She was instrumental in passing Jason’s Law, which mandated the creation of the Nebraska State Missing Person’s Clearinghouse. She also founded Project Jason, a nonprofit organization which assists families of the missing nationwide. Kelly has had over 80 hours of professional training from various sources including NCMEC, DOJ, and Fox Valley Technical College.

Kelly has spoken at several national events including the National Candlelight Vigil, and was the keynote speaker at the 10th Ride for Missing Children and the annual New York State Missing Person’s Day in 2005. She has developed several unique awareness programs to help locate the missing, including the 18 Wheel Angels, Adopt a Missing Person, and Come Home. She is currently spearheading Campaign for the Missing, a 50 state effort to pass specific legislation in regards to missing persons’ cases.

Kelly continues to work with families of the missing nationwide through Project Jason and also with TEAM Hope, a branch of NCMEC.


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