Friday, February 03, 2006

2/3/06 It Goes Both Ways

In one day, and sometimes even in a matter of minutes or hours, you can go from a low to a high, or vice versa. Today was one of those days.

At the beginning of yesterday's post, I mentioned a family who called me very late at night about their missing loved one. They needed guidance as to what needed to be done. They did not get to the point of having the information about this missing young man go public. This morning I recieved notification that he was found deceased. Police are still investigating. As he was found in a body of water, it may not have neccesarily been foul play. His name is Matthew. Please do say a prayer for his family.

It wasn't but an hour or so later when I found out about a miracle for a family who have been hoping and praying for one for 6 long years!

Many of you who have an interest in the missing may have heard of the parental abduction case of Christy and Abby Steyne.

Their father, Danny, said:

"On February 2, 2006 at 12 noon I received a phone call from the FBI that they had found my children in Lillington NC. During a traffic stop for speeding it became evident to Officer Hawkins that something was amiss. The rest is history. We spent yesterday afternoon driving up to pick up the girls.

The reunion was tear filled... wonderful... our favorite word is WOW and Hallelujah... THANK YOU JESUS!THEY ARE HOME! We now continue the
process of restoration as we get to know each other again!

Thanks so much for your prayer. (and the first time ever with Elijah... pictures will be taken!) YEA GOD!!!!"

What a joyous reunion. (Be sure to take notice as to what a good job NCMEC did on the age progressions.)

Danny Steyne also helps other families in parental abduction cases.

For more on the story and how Danny helps other families, please see


Anonymous Carol said...

What a wonderful resolution for this father!! I will keep him and his 'girls' in my prayers in hopes that they move through this new chapter in their lives with all the love they all deserve!

Thank you for sharing these stories, Kelly!

6:16 PM  

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