Thursday, January 26, 2006

1/26/06 A Hero in the Making

This morning Keri Dattilo is going to do something she has never done in her entire life. She is going to take a step towards getting a law passed in her home state of Indiana.

Keri’s cousin, Molly Dattilo is missing and has been since July 6 of 2004, from Madison, IN.

Keri came forward when I launched the Campaign for the Missing 2006 this past December.

Not only did she volunteer herself, but she recruited two other cousins, Amy of AZ, and Nina of IN. Keri is representing CA, as that is now her place of residence. Keri was back home in Indiana on an extended visit when Nina received word that the senator she had contacted wanted to arrange a meeting to talk about the model legislation that we are pushing on a state level. (Campaign for the Missing) Nina was unable to attend, but Keri could. Several state senators will be in attendance, along with other state officials.

As Keri has never done something like this before, she came to the team of campaign volunteers and received tips on making an impact in the meeting. She spent hours reading and re-reading the model and made packets of information to give to the meeting attendees, including information about Molly.

I called Keri personally and we spoke at length about the model, the meeting, and what to expect. We looked at how we could relate Molly’s story to the model, and to pinpoint specific mandates that could have had an effect on the way her case was handled.

As one would expect, Keri was a little nervous thinking about the meeting, but she grew more confident as the evening wore on. She understood the potential impact the model will have for future missing person’s cases in Indiana. She felt empowered and convinced that nothing is impossible when you have a passion burning inside of you.

Just as Jason’s disappearance ignited something inside of me that I did not know existed, so too did Molly’s for Keri.

Keri said: “I’m just a video editor.” and I said “I’m just an ordinary lady from Nebraska.” It really doesn’t matter who we are in the end. What matters is that in working together, we can make an impact in the future for all of the families who will have a person they love disappear. It is a bonus that we can do it to honor our missing loved ones.

Keri inspired me because of her willingness to tackle the model head on, and without fear of the unknown. She put her trust in our team to help her and in the Lord to guide her.

Molly will be proud.

After this week, Keri returns to CA, and will be meeting with her own Senator’s aide on Monday.

For more information about Molly Dattilo, please see:

A special thanks to one of our team members, Robert Bristow of CO, for being an exemplary volunteer, and to Nina for the great start in Indiana and her future work to pass this law.


Blogger Michelle said...

Good luck, Keri!

And let me add my thanks to Robert, too. He has great advice!

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