Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1/31/06 Tell Me Who I Am

Lately, I have run across several cases of children who were abducted as youngsters many, many, years ago. Sometimes the case details give you hope that these children were taken to start a new life, and they are not victims of foul play. In this type of abduction, the abductor will typically convince the child that the parents (or rightful caregivers) are dead or do not want to care for the child anymore. Young children may not discern truth from lies, and may come to believe what they have been told. Years go by and they go on with their lives, most often with new names and fading memories of a past not spoken about or one that is falsified.

I would like to ask you to look at your friends, co-workers, and anyone else you come into contact with on a regular basis. I believe that a good percentage of these persons may be alive, and we need your eyes to find help them. We need you to take part in telling them who they are. It is not, of course, suggested that you confront such a person with this information, but instead immediately call the LE agency listed and give them as much information as you can about the person. Let them handle it.

I will publish new segments for "Tell Me Who I Am" as I run across these cases.

I thank you for caring about the missing.

(Angela was found safe.)

The first in the series is a lovely young woman, Angela Brummond, who is from my home state of Nebraska. She was abducted by her grandmother, Sharon Lee Brummond on August 1st 1980. This took place in Dakota City, NE. Angela was only 5 years old.

A FBI warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution was issued for Sharon Brummond on February 17, 1987. Alias last names that may be used include Swick and Berg. Sharon has a scar on her left knee and an appendectomy scar.

Angela has brown hair and hazel eyes. She is now 29 years old. Her DOB is 5/31/76.

Sharon's DOB is 3/16/40. She has brown hair and brown eyes, weighs 145 and is 5' 1".

If you see either Angela or Sharon, please call the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Iowa) - Missing Persons Unit, 1-712-258-1920, or your local FBI office.

If there were to be any updates in the case, they will be located at:


Blogger Home Sweet Home said...

Thank you so much for making space for the long time missing. Law enforcement eventually has to move on to current cases, MSM eventually loses interest, and it seems like these people are just lost forever. But some people like their families never forget. They have no grave to mourn over, and only the hope that the children are with someone who is loving and caring. Yet, they are never able to totally lose that fear that their children need them, that they are suffering in some way, and need them. Thank you for not forgetting them.

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