Thursday, September 29, 2005

9/29/05 Is the Truth in Hiding?

Do you remember Wanda, sister of missing Jeff Nichols, who only wants to get to the truth of the matter?

Yesterday, she spoke out to reporter Sandra Yi of KSL.

The article states in part::

"Jeff Nichols was last seen, on June 8 of last year. He told his girlfriend he was meeting his ex-wife to buy some golf clubs. The ex-wife said he never showed up. Nichols' car was found a few days later. The unknown is most difficult for his family.

Wanda Schmidt: "I don't know if it's different if you know something's happened, if you know a family member's been murdered, you know that's happened. In this case, we think that's what happened, but we don't have that answer."

But she does have her suspicions, including questions for Nichol's ex-wife. There's a warrant for her arrest in connection with those charges. She moved out of state within two weeks after Nichols disappeared.

She took their eight-year old son, Sam, with her. They've since moved again and didn't leave a forwarding address. Schmidt says her brother knew his ex-wife had filed for bankruptcy and was planning to get full custody of his son.

Wanda Schmidt: "It just breaks my heart to wonder what's happened to him."

Police have no evidence of foul play, but Wanda Schmidt won't give up until she knows what really happened to her brother."

The rest of this article is at

The truth just needs to be found so that Wanda and her family will have the answers they seek.


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