Wednesday, September 21, 2005

9/21/05 Astonishing Numbers

I recieved an email from Frank Williams, chairman of the Ride for Missing Children in which he shared some astonishing numbers. These are the to-date totals of money raised to pay for the posters that have proven time and time again that awareness is the "king" when it comes to resolving missing person's cases.

I shared my story about the bike ride that is not just a bike ride here:
It is my husband's favorite story to date.

The ride this year raised a record amount, which is enough to pay for 766,536 posters!

According to Frank:

"Our community has made it possible for us to send out a total of:
- 3,369,287 posters of 1,246 missing children since we began our program in September of 1995

- To date, 759 of these children are now listed as "successfully recovered". This includes 263 children recovered so far in 2005."

So, out of 1,246 children on the program, 759 have been recovered. That's 61%, an outstanding track record. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

In other news, I am happy to say that we did get a story for one of our missing adults from a press release we sent. Let's hope it helps bring her home.

Update: Norma was found deceased.

You can read it here, along with other information about Norma Massa:
This new story is the last item in the thread.

Our Project Jason monthly board meeting is tonight, so I am busy preparing for that.


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