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Home for the Holidays: Randy Spring 12/29/09


Randy Spring, missing from Whitewater, CA since 10/10/1988


I am the mother of Randy Spring who disappeared on Oct 10,1988. Randy spent six years in the U.S. Army serving in South Korea, Colorado Springs and Hawaii. He was discharged March 1988 and we were all happy that he would be home this year for the holidays, however, things changed and Randy decided he would like to go camping and hiking in the San Jacinto Mountains, near Whitewater, CA. I took him to the place where he wanted to be dropped off and only expected him to be gone for a few days, after 10 days and no word from Randy the Sheriff Office was notified. They did a search but with no results. Randy had shown me maps where he was going but after all these years I feel he never went hiking at all. Did he meet someone or did something happen-only God knows.

I kept thinking he would come home anytime especially for Christmas as Randy always sent cards and presents for the family while he was serving in the military. The first Christmas after his disappearance I got him a new radio (boom box) and had it all set up in his room and many presents under the tree, but many Christmas have passed with no word. Randy always loved to decorate and I remember him showing us pictures of his bunk and how he decorated it for Christmas.

I have made an album of Randy, baby pictures, school pictures and military pictures. There are pictures of his first haircut, riding the merry-go-round and sitting in his rocking chair. One Christmas when he got his first bike with training wheels, getting his hot wheels and Randy and his brother, Rick playing on the floor with them, visiting Santa Claus. Have many Christmas cards Randy made in school “Merry Christmas Mom from Randy”; one reads “Merry Christmas Mother” From Randy to Mom. He made a Valentine that reads “Be My Valentine I love you.” You know it.

I will never give up hope that one day Randy will be home and our family will be complete again. Our family will never stop searching for him and I know God knows where he is and I pray that his whereabouts will be revealed soon. There are members of our family that Randy has never seen and one of his niece’s has a son named after Randy.

I only cope with Randy missing with the help of God’s love and the peace he gives me and I must go on for the rest of the family, which consists of my daughter and two other sons. We all love and miss Randy very much, we miss his laughter and his willingness to always help someone, and he was always there for his family and especially for his mother.

Arlene Spring, Mother of Randy

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arlene, your determination and love are inspiring. Lord bless you and bring you answers someday. Love you always, Kasey

7:01 PM  
Blogger waiting4darrel2comehome said...

You read these thigs all the time and you never think it will happen to a loved one till one day it does. My best friend of 8 years just became part of the "Missing" and tomorrow marks 4 weeks. I feel for you and hope you get some answers soon. It seems to me this stuff never stays in the news long enough. You are in my prayers along with everyone that needs answers.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Kelly Murphy Jolkowski said...

This is a moderated blog run by Project Jason, not the mother of Randy Spring. Investigative inquiries are to be directed to law enforcement only. Thank you.

2:15 PM  

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