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Home for the Holidays: Debora Gail DeLoach Moody 12/7/09

Debora "Gail" DeLoach Moody, missing from Long County, GA since 12/4/2007

Written by Melanie Clark, Mother of Gail

It is hard to try and put into words how you feel about a missing daughter and will never see them again.

Debora Gail DeLoach Moody went missing on Dec 4, 2007, at about 5:30 that evening. I had spoken to Gail on Dec 4, 2007 and she was supposed to call me back that night. I never heard from her again.

It is very hard to carrying on without her. The times we really miss her is at her birthday April 22, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We always went to a camp-all with relatives and had a big feast, played games, and just sat around a fire and talked about old times.Great grandparents, grandparents, and cousins we'd not seen in a long time were there.

We would sit a around the big fire and listen and talk about old stories from our grandparents and listen to our family history. We had a great time. Sometimes we just had Thanksgiving at home with all the trimmings. There is an empty seat now and our table is not the same with a missing child, and gone before us parents and grandparents.

Christian ( Gail's son) has a real hard time at his birthday on Nov 3th. Gail surprised him for his birthday in 2007 and came to visit Christian us in Fl. It is really hard for him this year because she is gone.

Christmas is very hard for us not being able to be with family and friends. Our family has taken different views on Gail's disappearance. Every year we had a special day with all the family together at Christmas. We would gather at some place that we had chosen for our get together.

We always had the Christmas play and the younger children would play different roles. We read the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2 out of the bible, sang songs, played games, and exchanged gifts, but this too has come to an end.

Christmas day is just another day for us to sit down and eat with Gail missing. So, we do not make a big deal about the holidays anymore.

If we only said good bye to our beautiful daughter , mother, and sister, but who knows when it it your time?

The last thing that I would like to remind everyone: Tell your children, husband, and every member of your family how much you love them. Tomorrow may be too late.

Melanie Clark
Mother of missing child, Debora Gail Deloach Moody

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Anonymous Donald Ross said...

I can only say every family is different and no one can say what is right for anyone else. But I will say our salvation with a missing son, has been our renewed commitment to family and friends. We may never see Jesse again in this life, but there are others and we surround ourselves with their love. And you may find support and kindness among others not family. Let these kind people help you, and do as we have find the magic of the holidays again. We pray for your family that you can find some joy in this world.

6:26 PM  

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