Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home for the Holidays 2009 11/21/09

It’s fast approaching the time of year that is often mixed with gratitude for what we have, and longing for what we don’t. For us, the families of the missing, the holidays mark the passage of time without our missing loved ones.

The holidays are a busy time, and often those whom we need to be our eyes and ears (You) may be otherwise occupied. We’d like to turn your attention back to our missing loved ones, even if just for a few minutes by sharing a piece of our lives that relate to the holiday season.

To that end, we’d like to introduce a series of stories for the holiday season entitled "Home for the Holidays.” Beginning on November 22 and ending on January 1st, we’ll feature a story about a Project Jason family and their missing loved one. The story will be written by the family of that missing person about this holiday, their missing loved one, traditions, and the place they should/could fill in their home.

We'll bring you inside our lives and demonstrate what it’s like to have someone we love disappear. We'll share the stories of anguish, but also those stories of hope.

Remember that the more often the faces of our missing loved ones are seen, the greater the odds of recovery, so please encourage others to share these stories.
Never forget what you have, and don't let an opportunity pass by to tell someone you love them.

This Christmas a family somewhere will get their miracle. Maybe it won't be me and maybe it won't be any of the participating families, but there is always hope.


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