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4/1/08 Project Jason's Kelly Jolkowski on International Broadcast Radio Show

A Project Jason News Brief

In her role as one of the nation's most outspoken advocates against the use of psychics in missing persons' cases, Kelly Jolkowski will be a guest on this Friday's Catholic Answers Live call-in radio program.

Kelly will share the hour with Angelo Stagnaro, a magician/mentalist who investigates and exposes fraudulent spiritualists and psychics. Kelly will cover the emotional angle and how psychics harm, and Angelo will demonstrate how psychics are able to fool so many. Both will emphasize the Church teachings in respect to this typically forgotten issue.

The first part of the show will feature interviews with Kelly and Angelo, and then listeners will be able to call in with their questions.

Angelo Stagnaro is the editor of Smoke & Mirrors, the Internet’s largest electronic magazine for professional stage card and coin magicians. He has also published three textbooks on stage magic, including Conspiracy, Something from Nothing and The Other Side.

Catholic Answers Live, one of the most popular Christian radio shows, is carried on hundreds of stations nationwide. It is also a part of EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network, can be heard on the Sirius Satellte Network, as well as numerous shortwave radio stations. The show airs at 4pm PST (6pm CST), and can be listened to online at http://www.kvss.com/ , http://www.ewtn.com/radio/index.asp , or http://www.catholic.com/radio/catholic_answers_live.ram .

Kelly Jolkowski, President and Founder, Project Jason a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization

Kelly's son, Jason Jolkowski, disappeared on June 13, 2001, at age 19, from the driveway of their home in Omaha, NE. Over 6 years later, the Jolkowski family lives with no leads or clues in Jason's disappearance. Since then Kelly has become an active advocate for families of the missing. She created several unique awareness programs for Project Jason to help locate the missing, including the 18 Wheel Angels, Adopt a Missing Person, and Come Home. Kelly is currently spearheading the Campaign for the Missing, a 50 state grassroots effort to pass the missing person legislation developed by the DOJ. Several states have now passed this legislation with her guidance, and several more are in progress. She also developed Healing Harbor, a free online counseling benefit for families of the missing, the only service of its kind in the U.S. She also speaks at conferences across the country about issues pertaining to missing persons, and has been a guest on several national radio shows, and FOX News.

Kelly, a lifelong Catholic, not only faced a life-changing tragedy with the mysterious disappearance of her son, but came face-to-face with persons claiming to have psychic abilities who victimized the family with horrid tales of Jason's death and suffering. Although surrounded by a society accepting of persons claiming pyschic abilities, Kelly came to publically embrace the Catholic position on psychics and truly place her faith in God and His Will for her family. Through her work with Project Jason, Kelly educates the families of the missing so they can feel at peace with the decision not to pursue use of pychics in their own missing loved one's case. Thousands worldwide have read her Psychics and Missing People blog series, located at http://voice4themissing.blogspot.com/2006/03/30606-pmp-introduction-to-psychics-and.html

Project Jason Policy Regarding Psychics

There is not one proven case in which a psychic, using special powers or abilities not given to the typical person, has located a missing person, whether dead or alive. It may be possible that some persons have an ability that defies science and logic, but there is no known scientific evidence of this. These persons re-victimize families by taking away hope where it should stand, and giving hope where there is none. No person has the right to do this to another.

Psychics and other users of purported paranormal phenomena, cause unnecessary and damaging pain and anguish to families of the missing. They can also add to financial stress if they charge fees. We're already on a roller coaster ride of events and emotions, and we should have no desire to add to it.

Understanding what goes on behind the scenes should decrease any guilt feelings for not accepting offers of "help" from these persons, whether it is fee-based or not. We want to lessen the pain already present in our every breath, and arm families with the information to defend themselves against these persons. The evidence that psychics are not helpful and in some cases even harmful, is overwhelming.

In our mission to provide support and assistance to the families of the missing, we stand firm that it is not in their best interest to pursue the use of psychics in their case. We won't ride the status quo train of popular belief that it's ok and is not harmful.

Project Jason stands firm in their policies that since psychics play no proven part in solving a missing person’s case, we will not refer them to family members, family members to them, nor “advertise” their claimed services.

Additional Information: http://projectjason.org/interviews.html#psychics

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