Tuesday, November 29, 2005

11/29/05 Breaking News: Erik Buran Found!

I am so thrilled for Erik's father, Robert. He just notified me that Erik has been found. Here is what he said:


I told friends we must find him by Christmas or we must stop Christmas.

Detective Cherie Rye called an hour ago while I was sleeping.

Erik is OK and has been taken into protective custody and LE is going to contact me immediately to arrange return to Reno.

I am waiting for the phone call.

Karen is arrested.

In Albuquerque New Mexico.

I may be out of communication for a couple days.

High Five for the Lyon County Sheriff's Department.

-Erik's Daddy

PS I do not presently know if it had any thing to do with finding him, but Erik did make it onto the Nancy Grace show. If anybody taped it please let me know. I just got congratulations from Brad Dennis of Klass Kids."

I will let you know more when I know more, and will post it here. This is such joyous news!

Previous stories about Erik:




Brief Update, 5pm: Robert is leaving in just a few minutes. He will drive through the night to be in NM in the morning to be reunitied with Erik. His car is filled with all sorts of goodies and toys for him. These are items he had purchased in anticipation and the hope to find Erik.

Karen turned herself in. Robert will know more later on. Please pray for his safe travel through the night.

Update, 8am: Robert and I played phone tag. He called me at 2am and reported he was mid-point on his journey to Erik and doing fine. He said he had much time for reflection and knows how blessed he is. He will be calling me back. I called him this morning on my way to work and told him to give Erik an extra hug from me. I also told him I will not be calling him. This day is sacred to them. It's their private, very special reunion. Merry Christmas, Robert and Erik.

Update, 4:30pm: Robert called and he and Erik have been together for several hours now. Erik is fine. Robert said he has grown and changed. He was a little shy at first but is now getting excited to be with his daddy. More later on...

Update, 8:45: We spoke for a long time. I could hear Erik laughing in the background. Hearing that sweet sound brought tears to my eyes.

But there was no "Hollywood-like" hug and kiss reunion.

Fortunately, Robert has a strong background in psychology. This is aiding him in the reunification process. There is anger and acting out by the child in these situations. He understands this and even though some things said are painful, he knows this is a part of this process.

As the day progressed, these outbursts decreased, replaced by the a happy little boy who is re-bonding with his father. Robert feels confident that he will be fine. He observes that Erik has grown and that he has increased dexterity and other physical attributes that come with the transition from a little boy's body to a boy's body.

Little is known as to what happened, where they were, and who was with them. They were still in the camper, staying in Walmart parking lots. Robert suspects Erik was left alone for periods of time. He is physically fine, with no signs of abuse. He hopes to learn more tomorrow.

Robert plans on staying there for a couple of days and then slowing making his way back home, stopping at interesting places along the way and having a good time together. He has taken a couple of photos and will be taking more. When they get home, Robert will continue to spend time with him while he decides on how they will live their life together. He doesn't want him to be a daycare child 40 hours per week.

He is not bitter at Karen, but just wants to know why she did it. He does not want to pursue any activities in regards to the lack of proper action by authorities in Nevada. He is just happy to have Erik back.

Erik does not really understand all of what happened at this point. In his child's mind, daddy should have went on the trip with them. He is an intelligent child, so I am sure that when the time is right, then he will comprehend it all.

Robert handed the phone to me to talk to Erik. I said hello and he said hello back, but then he decided he was going to make funny noises instead of talking. Robert and Erik laughed and then when his daddy and I were done talking, I said goodnight to Erik.

"Goodnight, Erik, and sweet dreams."

I have a feeling they will be very sweet.

Update, Thursday 7pm: Robert called and let me know that he feels even more confident today that Erik is not going to suffer any residual effects from what has happened to him. He said Erik is back to his old self, and loving his time with Daddy. They went to the aquarium today, and tonight they are going to a big tree lighting ceremony.

Again, I could hear him laughing in the background. He sounded at one point, as if he were making monkey noises. I did say hello to him, and he managed this time to say a little bit more before breaking into a fit of laughter. It was a joyful noise.

Robert found out that Karen turned herself in after seeing a missing poster of herself and Erik. She called NMCEC, who in turn dispatched police. Erik was taken to McDonalds so that his mother was not arrested in front of him.

Tomorrow, Robert and Erik begin a slow journey back home, savoring every moment together.

The latest and photos from the reunion back home:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible. Thank God.

amom2 from Scared Monkeys

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just the best news.

What a Christmas and New Years present all wrapped up into one.

God bless them.


7:25 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Thank God!! What incredible news! I am so pleased to hear this!

I will pray that angels watch over them both until they are back in each other's company!!

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful News indeed.
I've been following this story since it was posted on SM.

I can only imagine the joy and anticipation that Robert must be feeling at this moment.

Miracles do happen !


9:05 AM  
Blogger Traci said...

What a wonderful ending...Im so happy Im crying. I look at my little darlings and know I would fight to the death to find them, and I am so happy that he found his son. What a TRUE miracle.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Oh Thank God, this is so great !! What a great holiday this will be for Erik and Bob !!
I am do happy for them both !!

10:30 AM  
Blogger BRENNIE'S FRIEND said...

Whenever any missing person is found it gives me hope that the ordeal may end for all of us as well. Best wishes to Erik and his dad. We all ran this story in hopes of such an ending!!!!

3:26 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Just read that they are back together--how wonderful this is !! I am sooo happy for them both. It's hard to realize that they grew up some and changed without you watching it, but that eventually passes ( I hope). Great news !!! Thank you Kelly for keeping us updated !

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

What a heart warming end to a heart breaking story!

I read with tears running down my cheeks, so thankful that this is the ending we have all prayed for!!

I wish Robert and Erik many years of getting to have that special father/son bond!!

And thank you Kelly for keeping us up to date...and for being there for them!

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

I Thank God for answering prayers and rewarding the labors of so many.

May He continue to Bless little Erik and Bob.

Wonderful news such as this rekindles the hope for all of us that have missing loved ones.


"Our help is from the Lord, who created heaven and earth." Psalm 24:8

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay Good things do happen. Im so glad eventhough it was such a long time ago. ^o^ YY

5:22 PM  

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