Monday, November 07, 2005

11/07/05 Tech Notes

Hello to everyone.

I'm almost out of the "Tech Funk" I was in, which was caused by dealing with a high level malicious Trojan and now trying to get used to a laptop.

I finally got rid of the Trojan. There was actually a combination of several, including Look2Me and VX2. I ended up with a total of 9, yes 9 various programs used to attempt to get rid of them. The usual programs did not work, such as Ad-Aware, SpyBot, and Norton. The programs that did the trick were SpySweeper and Ewido, the latter of which I had never heard. Even Ad-Aware, which had a special VX2 killer plug-in, did not detect its presence.

I also enlisted the help of the people at the Tech Support Guy forums. They were quick to help, and cleaned up the problems. Not only do they have security forums, but a myriad of other technical categories. Check them out if you need technical support.

Yesterday, I was finally able to merge data from the old PC to the new Laptop. There were some problems, but nothing major. Tonight, I moved my email to Outlook. The last thing I have to conquer is figuring out how to print from the laptop via the new home network.

And then, there is the learning curve and getting used to this machine, but I will do it and be back to my typical posting habits very soon.

Thank you, my readers, for caring about the missing.


Anonymous Carol said...


I am glad you got all of those trojans taken care of...aren't they just the worst??

It will wonderful to have you back..the missing have missed you, as have your readers!!

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Kathleen said...

I ditto that, Carol. I have missed your blogs tremendously, Kelly! (however, I have been getting more work done ha, ha!)

I come to this site every day to see who I will learn about next - who can I possibly help......who can help me? I have learned a lot from these life lessons. And to know there are others out there that are going through the same pain as me is a great comfort.

I am happy to be a part of this group, but I wish, more than anything, that I wasn't.

With Hope.....

9:08 AM  
Blogger Kelly Jolkowski said...

I'm back with a bang. I'm sure you'll enjoy our next story.

Thank you for the kind comments.


4:23 PM  

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