Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good News Sunday

The majority of the time the phone calls I receive are not of a positive nature. It's wonderful to get a call from a family with good news to report. It's even better to get two calls in a row like this.

The first call was from Tom Zachman, Jennifer's father. You can read her story in the "Hometown Girl" entry, and the follow-up post. Tom shared with us that Jennifer is still in the hospital, and she is doing "remarkably well". I could hear the dramatic change in his voice as compared to all of the other times we spoke. I could easily hear the joy in his voice and in his heart. We'll pray for a speedy recovery for Jennifer.

The second call was from Megha Verma's uncle. I spoke of Megha in my post on July 27th, entitled "Partly Cloudy or Party Sunny". You can read it in the July Archives link to your right.

Megha's uncle reported that Megha was found yesterday. She is unharmed and healthy. Although I had never spoken with him on the phone, it was clear from his uplifted tone that the family is relieved and so very grateful to have their Megha back.

If only every day could be like this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. It is indeed a good Sunday. Thanks for sharing the success stories. It makes my day brighter.

10:28 AM  

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