Monday, August 08, 2005

The Media Coverage Issue Hits the Comics

The issues concerning fair coverge of missing persons have now filtered to mentions in comic strips. My brother-in-law, Ken, found this one, and it is dead on.

The comic strip is called "La Cucaracha". The "About" section describes a unique strip that provides "a view of the world through the sharp, satiric lens of its young Latino characters and the fertile mind of acclaimed creator Lalo Alcaraz."

Two days of the strip are devoted to the story of a little girl who has lost her Hispanic doll, "Dora".

The 1st segment is dated 7/26. After reading, click on the "next date" field to the top right of the comic to go to the 2nd segment.

I would say that this is a fine example of how art imitates life, wouldn't you?

8/19/05: The link above is non-functional. They only display a strip for a few days. I have written to the strip syndicator, asking permission to publish it here.


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