Sunday, March 04, 2007

3/4/07 Radio Waves for Jason


As you all know, my son, Jason, has now been missing without a trace for 5 years and 8 months. There are no leads to follow up on, and we, at this time, depend on the general public to provide new leads to help us find our son. For those of you who have a missing loved one, you already know the struggle to find ways to get the word out, especially as time passes. You know that you must be creative in order to get the media to react and to be able to reach your target audience.

The purpose of my letter is to inform you of a new campaign which has the goal of creating awareness for Jason, targeting every radio station in the country. I am looking to amass a team of volunteers to email each radio station Jason’s story (already prepared for you) and link to more information, photos, and a poster. If you are familiar with his story, you know that Jason was once a D.J. for a local community college. It was something he enjoyed and he became very popular in the local area. He had some financial setbacks, and had to leave school and the D.J. internship. We, his immediate family, feel that if he is still alive, it’s very possible that he is working for a radio station, thus, our campaign, Radio Waves for Jason. (We will make “waves” in the radio industry looking for him.)

If you are either a family member with a missing loved one, or one of our peers in the missing person cause, this email is merely to inform you of our campaign. You often ask about Jason, so we’re letting you know what we’re doing. We wouldn’t ask you to become involved as we understand you are very busy with your work or seeking your own missing loved one. This campaign might even give you an idea for one of your own, which is another good reason to share it with you.

If you are a friend, family member, or a friend of Project Jason, and feel you would have the time and commitment to help, we would be happy to have you assist. As mentioned earlier, you would be given a prepared statement with links to email radio stations in a set area. I estimate that it will take 3-5 minutes to email each radio station. Even if you can only email a few locations, each effort will help us reach our goal.

If you are interested in volunteering to help, please send an email to us at radiowavesforjason(at sign) You will then be sent an email with more details about the campaign and the prepared letter for the radio stations.

*This campaign is suited for persons who are already comfortable navigating the internet and using copy and paste functions.

Thank you for all you do for our family, Jason, and Project Jason, whether it’s a simple prayer or more, all efforts are greatly appreciated.

With hope for all of our missing loved ones,
Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,Project Jason
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