Wednesday, October 12, 2005

10/12/05 Updates from our Families

We have good news to share from several of the families we serve whose stories we have told previously.

Jeff Nichol's sister, Wanda, has informed me that Jeff's website has been updated with new photos and some very telling information. There are also new photos of Jeff's son, Sam, who, in essence, is now also missing. A must read for our readers who are "sleuthers". and then Read both blog entries to fully understand the nature of this case.

Joanna Roger's mother and brother are to appear on a future installment of the Maury Povich Show. They have already taped the segment, but the air date has not been announced. Joanna's story was part I of a two part series "The Lovely Ladies of Lubbock."
10/13, 3:15pm: I was notified that the tentitive air date is set for October 25th.

Ryan Katcher's story is to be in the Chicago Tribune this weekend. The reporter is trying for the Sunday edition and on the front page. Ryan's friend, Travis, shared a very touching letter about Ryan with us. Ryan's mom is scheduled for a story here in the very near future.

Katlyn Mlnarik is adjusting to a new school and is doing fine. She and her mother, Shelly, are working through the reunification process. We stay in touch with each other.

Erik Buran's father, Robert, and many of our readers, continue to work on prompting the State of Nevada to more aggressively pursue this case. Media is also being asked to feature his story. We feel we are coming close, but we still need your help.

Mark Hamilton's mother, Vicki, continues to pursue the lead generated by our Come Home program. The person who saw Mark has not returned to the area. Vicki is pursuing follow-up on this sighting. She will not give up hope to find Mark after 11 years.

Jennifer Wix' mother, Kathy, will appear on the Montel Williams Show on Friday, October 21st. This will be the 1st time for national media coverage for Jennifer and her little daughter, Adrianna. I spoke with Kathy at length this evening. She is very happy to have this opportunity. She's worked so hard for it, and we'll all be praying the show will help find the answers for her.

Make sure that you don't let the day go by without telling someone you love them.


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