Wednesday, August 31, 2005

8/30/05 Katlyn's Home!

Today was a day that cried out for happy news. As the devastation continues to unfold in New Orleans and other Gulf communities, hundreds of miles away, in a small town in Nebraska, a mother and daughter were reunited. Katlyn came home, and her mother, Shelly, no longer has to live in the "not knowing".

Now they begin a new journey together. The reunification process is not necessarily an easy one. There are new emotions to deal with and a healing process that has just begun.

Their story is no longer a public one, but a private one, unless they choose to share it. What matters to us is that she is home.

We will be there to support them as long as they need us. For those who acted as our angels on earth for Katlyn, we thank you for your help and for your kindness and generosity.

Welcome home, Katlyn.

The original story about Katlyn and Shelly can be seen here


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