Friday, October 07, 2005

10/07/05 Thank you Delilah and our Readers!

I was informed that yes, Delilah of the Delilah Radio Show did indeed speak with Margaret, sister of missing Yolanda Bindics, and dedicated the song "Somewhere Out There" to her.

If you're not sure what I speak of, please see Yolanda's story in the archives, 'Somewhere Out There", parts I and II. At the end of part II, we asked our readers to write in to the radio show, asking for the song to be dedicated on the night of Yolanda's birthday.

The family really liked the idea of the dedication, and also posted it on their website for Yolanda, ( but I was concerned about the letdown if Delilah did not respond to our request. With 7 million listeners, I'm sure they have plenty of requests and stories to chose from.

I was so happy to know that it happened for them, and that up to 7 million people heard a little bit about Yolanda and the family who loves her. Delilah told Margaret that hundreds of people wrote in, requesting the dedication. This warms my heart.

I want to thank Delilah for doing the dedication for Yolanda. I want to thank our readers for taking the time to do something to help a stranger. Your kindness is most appreciated. Look at what we all accomplished!

It's a little bit chilly here today in Omaha, but somehow, I don't feel cold.


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