Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Partly Cloudy or Partly Sunny?

What is the difference between these two weather-related terms? I could look it up and tell you, but I'll let you do that if you're interested. To me, one sounds more positive than the other.

Today started out as partly cloudy, and right at the end of the day, it became partly sunny.

The "cloudiest" part of the day was in knowing that once again, the media didn't come to the aid of a missing person's family, at least not yet. Robert Spellman's sister, Tracy, waited and hoped for a phone call informing her that someone was going to run the story of her brother. That phone call never came.

The sister of a long term missing woman contacted me about the 15 year-old missing niece of a man she knew. Joy, sister of missing Linda Little, put me in touch with this very frightened family.

This evening I spoke to Megha Verma's father on the phone. Megha may be listed as a runaway, but facts behind the scenes don't lead one to that as a solid conclusion. I immediately referred the Vermas to our peers at the KlaasKids Foundation, and within a short time, Megha was scheduled to be one of the featured missing children on CNN's The Nancy Grace Show.

Suddenly, the day became partly sunny. There was hope for yet another family.

And as to my own situation: There might be a raincloud above my head, but God gave me an umbrella.

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