Saturday, August 04, 2007

8/4/07 Project Jason Statement of Benefits and Services

I have written an update of our benefits and services statement:

Project Jason Statement of Services and Benefits

Project Jason is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, and was established on October 6, 2003. Our organization primarily focuses on case assessment, resources, and support for families of the missing. We are not an investigative agency, nor do we perform searches. We offer services we are trained to provide. I handle all interactions with family members, and have over 100 hours of professional training in various aspects of missing persons, including emotional support, DNA, support tools, databases and related matters, case management, media interaction, and more.

All of our services are free. As a nonprofit organization, we depend on the generosity of the public to support us, so that we can continue this very important work. We ask that this support come from other members of the community, rather than the families of the missing.

Our services to families include:

Case Assessment:

We take a look at the case, what has been done, and is being done, and make suggestions to ensure that certain necessary steps that the family or Law Enforcement should take have not been missed. We may also then refer that family to other trustworthy organizations, based upon the results of the assessment.

Awareness Programs:

18 Wheel Angels: Bi-monthly poster dissemination campaigns aimed at truck drivers and business travelers. It includes a listing of the featured missing persons in a national trucking publication, Through the Gears.

Adopt a Missing Person: Personalized awareness campaign in which photo buttons of the missing person and a personal biography written by family members are used to create and increase awareness.

Come Home: Bi-monthly personalized poster dissemination campaigns targeting missing person cases wherein there is evidence that the person may be living a homeless lifestyle. Poster links are emailed to participating homeless shelters nationwide who then print and place the poster in their shelter.

Voices for the Missing: Audio interviews done with families of the missing wherein they tell their stories.

Voice for the Missing Blog: Stories about missing persons along with a variety of educational information are shared.

More Services for Families:

We will create and upload a poster for the missing person and can also help them with media contacts and press releases. We provide them with emotional support and help them become empowered to seek new avenues for awareness. We place the photo of the missing person on our main website and keep a ongoing thread for updates and information on our forum. With an average of 700 website hits per day and climbing, this is also a valuable tool for awareness.

Healing Harbor: Healing Harbor is the only free online counseling service for families of the missing. One of the nation's most respected and knowledgeable counselors in the area of the emotional needs of families of the missing, Duane Bowers, provides answers and assistance via our private forum.

Family Member Forums: These private family member-only forums, provide families of the missing a way to meet and network with other family members, sharing their stories and offering each other support and additional tools for dealing with having a missing person in their lives.

Other Services:

Campaign for the Missing: This is a grassroots effort to pass legislation in each and every state that can positively effect the outcome of missing persons cases. Project Jason serves as the facilitator for this campaign, and mentors each volunteer through the process in their state.

Law Enforcement Training: Free audio training on various topics designed to provide critical information to law enforcement, with the goal of dramatically improving the number of resolved cases. This information will also be helpful to coroners, medical examiners, and the families of the missing.

Personal ID Kit: A free downloadable Personal ID Kit is provided by Project Jason in both English and Spanish. The kit contains a list of the first steps to take in the event your loved one is missing, plus valuable information that law enforcement will need. We encourage every member of the family to have one completed. No one is immune from becoming a missing person, and when it happens, every minute counts.

Project Jason Forum: Our forum provides a wide variety of news and support information about missing persons and related issues. We also provide safety information for all ages.

Project Jason Voice for the Missing blog:

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We are the Voice for the Missing; speaking for those who are not among us but who are forever in our hearts.

Kelly Jolkowski,
Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder, Project Jason
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